Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 45: Upgrades

Since we’re obviously underpowered we’re going to upgrade our armour and weapons,

HTMT: Obduction Completed

Tim has completed Obduction. Here are his thoughts.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 44: Upgrades

We didn’t do to well last episode, so we’re going to come back stronger and maybe figure out how to upgrade our gear.

How To Murder Time 185: The real 185

This week Tim is rounding up the nightly groups while Jon has been playing Kane and Lynch 2, which is without doubt the worse game that he’s played in… forever and getting annoyed at Horizon: Zero Dawn.

HTMT: The Crew

The Crew is an Ubisoft open world driving game. With towers that unlock the map. What’s not to like? Quite a lot it turns out…

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 42: My that’s a large laser

We have power and the bits we need so let’s make a mining laser.

How To Murder Time 184: Ninja Camping

Time spent the night in a ditch (on purpose), Jon played Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Tim finished Obduction, and Jon tried out Grow Up. Tim has also read an awful lot of books so there’s a wrap up of the Hugo finalists for this year.

HTMT Eclipse in Tabletop Simulator

The Friday group has started a game of the board game Eclipse in Tabletop Simulator. It’s quite good.

HTMT: Mad Max Finished

Tim has finished his playthough of Mad Max so it’s time for some final thoughts on the game.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 40: Solar

We need more power, so it’s time to harness the power of the sun.