Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 28

It’s more botania automation this time as we finish off autocrafting some the basics.

How To Murder Time 178: Smuggling

This week Tim has been off walking and is now paying the price and the group has been smuggling things in Elite. Jon has been playing the Hot Wheels DLC in Forza Horizon 3 and it’s as insane as it sounds, and has also been playing Thimbleweed Park which is just as mad as you’d hope.

The video version of the show is trying something new for a bit so it’ll be released in chunks throughout the next next week so that it’s a more manageable size and easier to find the bits that you want while restoring the podcast to the true definitive (and first) version.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 27

We seem to be on top of things, so let’s start to automate Botania.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 26: Project Icarus

You’ll believe a man can fly! Well not Tim, he has trouble with pressing the right buttons.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 25: More Power

This time we’re starting on a dedicated power production floor, which does mean switching everything off for a bit…

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 24: Switching it on and off

The storage is getting a bit tight so it’s time to work on that for a bit while making our farm run faster so that we can have storage issues in the future again.

How To Murder Time 177: Remember FMV

This week we’ve been playing Late Shift, which is a fully FMV game, Remember Me, which isn’t, Path of Exile and Dawn of War 3.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 23: When in doubt make a pyramid.

This episode we’re starting the blood magic area and running low on power…

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 22: Autocrafting and seeds

Now that we have a storage system we can get to the point where we’re autocrafting all the junk we need. Starting with more bits for the storage system of course…

How To Murder Time 176: You can’t win

This week we’ve been looking at generation ships in Elite Dangerous, building ships in Space Engineers, hitting things in Guns of Icarus and wondering how unbalanced a boardgame can actually be with Warhammer 40k Lost Patrol.