How To Murder Time 188: Ringworld

We’re joined again by Toerag to talk about our latest Hugo novel, which this time is Ringworld by Larry Niven. There’s a large ring around a sun and so a team is assembled to go investigate it in a book that dominates the genre of big stupid objects in space.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 53: Power progress

There’s still power that needs to be produced and it wants us to build a reactor that’s HOW big?

HTMT: Path of Exile

Tim has been playing Path of Exile with the group. It’s a bit similar to another game…

HTMT Starport Gemini Warlords

A space game that’s a bit like X? What’s not to like?

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 52: Batteries

We need to store more power, so it’s time for a bigger battery.

HTMT Warframe

Listen to somebody who hasn’t played Destiny constantly compare a game to Destiny.

It really is quite like Destiny.

How To Murder Time 187: Tim is wrong again?

This time Tim talks about the list of winning Hugo novels this year and looks at how they compare to his choices, Jon has been playing Slime Rancher and Patapon while Tim has been playing Warframe, Path of Exile and Tabletop Simulator.

00:00 Hugo winners 2017
10:55 Slime Rancher
16:50 Warframe
29:50 Patapon, Skyrim and other remasters
41:10 Path of Exile
49:05 Tabletop Simulator: Battlestar Galactica and Thunderstone.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 51: Nether and Power

We need more power apparently. The quest book says so, so it must be true.

Behold The Kickmen

A football game where all of the rules are wrong sounds like the best football game to me.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 50: Playing in the End

This End business seems rather safe, so lets explore a bit.