Minecraft Regrowth Episode 40

More seeds? How is that even possible? Let’s make the world look better instead.

How To Murder Time 142: Totally Warhammer

This week we’ve been playing Total War: Warhammer, Skyrim and Just Cause 3’s 2nd DLC. It adds mechs.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 39

We have more magic trees, so it’s Thaumcraft time.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 38

This time we’re showing off our swanky new map room, giving an update on our latest builds and then it’s back to using our new Witchery setup to complete more quests.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 37

It turns out we have no idea how Witchery works, so lets just accidentally set things on fire and battle Ents and pretend it’s a plan.

How To Murder Time 141: Uncharted Doom

This week we’re chatting about Doom and Uncharted, as well as the Hugo nominations and ill advised attempts to get fit that may have lead to injury shortly after recording the show.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 36

It’s back to magic this time as we delve deeper into Witchery.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 35

The new Botania mana generation facility goes online, I’m sure it’s not dangerous at all, and it’s time to start Thaumcraft as well.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 34

More Botania. More nether ores. More death?

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 33

We’ve upgraded our Botania mana generation, and now it’s on to robots to help us with farming. Automate everything!