How To Murder Time 213: It’s basically Countryfile

It’s been a while because of things like actually needing to go walking to make the walking videos, but we are back and talking about Forza Horizon 4, No Man’s Sky, Lord of the Rings Online and Stellaris.

How To Murder Time 212: Not Planescape

This time Tim has been playing Torment: Tides of Numenera so we get to hear how great Planescape Torment was. Again. Jon has been playing Graveyard Keeper and we’ve both been playing more Warhammer 40,000: Killteam, but this time we’ve been playing both on the tabletop and online using Tabletop Simulator.

How To Murder Time 211: Killing in Teams

This week the heat has got to us a bit and we can’t be bothered with games, so we talk about other things. We also talk about games because even that doesn’t seem to be able to stop us. There’s a roundup of the usual games as well as No Man’s Sky and Kill Team.

How To Murder Time 210: Disappointing crashes

This week we have been playing Factorio, Danger Zone 2, Warframe, Warhammer 40,000: Gladius and Red Faction Guerrilla.

South West Coast Path Day 5

You remember the camping site from the last episiode? Yeah, about that…

How To Murder Time 209: A song and dance number

This time Tim has been looking at Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Secret World Legends and Neverwinter Nights and Jon has been playing Aye Fair Lady, which is a musical point and click game with oddly catchy tunes and has managed to get his copy of Star Trek Armada working on Windows 10.
As always there’s a video version available if you feel like watching our faces.

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South West Coast Path Week 2 Day 3

Which will break first on this trip? Feet or a microphone?

South West Coast Path Week 2 Day 2

It’s day two of Tim’s walk and so far he’s still alive.