Space Engineers Episode 2

Having not died so far in Space Engineers, this time we work on a mining ship because those asteroids have to die.

Space Engineers Episode 1

We decided to try recording us playing Space Engineers as we build the best ship ever made. It’s probably going to be the worse ship actually, but we mean well. In this first episode we take stock of our situation and start to build some infrastructure to support our plans.

There should probably be a drinking game throughout this series for how many times we are going to manage to build something with the access panels pointing the wrong way.

How To Murder Time 4.07

After a short exploded-computer related delay we return with another show. We talk about Rift, Grand Theft Auto V, Space Engineers and Warhammer 40,000: Regicide. Is this the show in which the three month rule dies?

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Looking at Star Wars Galaxies

We’re taking a look at Star Wars Galaxies, which luckily was saved from death by


Looking at EverQuest 1

Tim started out in MMOs with EverQuest 1, which explains a lot. Join us as we go back to look at an old part of the game as it is today.


How To Murder Time 4.06

This week we’re talking about our latest batch of games: Rift, DDO, Fast and furious and Forza and Bloodborne.

How To Murder Time 4.05

This week we’re talking about Star Trek Online, Cities: Skylines, Guild Wars, Offworld Trading Company and Counterspy. There’s also a rant about gaming headsets.

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How To Murder Time 4.04

This week we’re talking about what we’ve been playing again.

Taking a stroll in Planetside 2

What’s the one thing that you never get in coverage about fast paced first person shooter games? I think it’s probably somebody with a cloak watching people play, but that’s what we did.

Coming soon: us sitting on a gate in Eve in a cloaked ship badly heckling ship loadouts. Hang on, didn’t we do that already?



You know those ancient greek pots with all that artwork on them? Imagine you could make a game like that, and imagine if it was free on PS4 if you have PS+. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing? Well that thing is Apotheon and we really like it.