Minecraft Regrowth Episode 19

It’s time for fish! And finally getting iron tools, but mostly fishing.

How To Murder Time 136

This week we’re discussing the community night in Burnout Paradise, which is the best game ever made. We’re also talking about X: Rebirth, The Marvel fighting game just added to Disney Infinity and why the Midway level pack for Lego Dimensions is really something interesting.

How To Murder Time 135

We’re back after a brief illness and we’re talking about playing The Ship with listeners, The Division and X: Rebirth (again)


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 18

Coke ovens don’t make drinks, but we need one anyway and let’s go fishing!

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 17

More industrial stuff! Down with magic!

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 16

It’s smeltery time!

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 15

It’s time to start getting a bit more into the industrial age so we can have some better tech…

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 14

It’s more Botania time as we work towards more animals.

How To Murder Time 134

This week we”re talking about planets in Space Engineers, SUPERHOT, Torchlight 2 and Farcry Primal.


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 13

We’re finally moving forwards with automation! It’s Hopperhock time!