How To Murder Time 186: How to complete MMOs

This week Jon has been learning how to play football with Behold the Kickmen and how to run a kingdom with Kingdoms and Castles. Castles and Kingdoms. Towns and Castles. Avenues and Alleyways. One of those titles, it’s a very forgettable name. Meanwhile Tim has gone to Earth in Elite and actually finished Guildwars. Or so he says.

Guildwars – Is the end in sight?

The Monday night group in guildwars is running out of content. Is there really only one dungeon to go?

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 47: Enderfarm

All this killing dragons is fine and all, but we’re going to need some more resources so it’s time to make a Dimlet parcel farm.

HTMT: Grow Up

Grow up is an open world platformer and I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 46: The End

Now we’re all tooled up that Gaia Guardian doesn’t know what it’s in for. Then we can go to the end…

HTMT Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Not all Lara Croft games are 3rd person action adventures with lots of shooting. Some are isometric action adventures with lots of shooting and added co-op.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 45: Upgrades

Since we’re obviously underpowered we’re going to upgrade our armour and weapons,

HTMT: Obduction Completed

Tim has completed Obduction. Here are his thoughts.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 44: Upgrades

We didn’t do to well last episode, so we’re going to come back stronger and maybe figure out how to upgrade our gear.

How To Murder Time 185: The real 185

This week Tim is rounding up the nightly groups while Jon has been playing Kane and Lynch 2, which is without doubt the worse game that he’s played in… forever and getting annoyed at Horizon: Zero Dawn.