HTMT Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 33: Magic Engineering

This time we’re doing some more Blood Magic and starting with immersive engineering.

HTMT: Star Crawlers

It’s a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. In Space! That’s actually good!

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 32: Blood

This episode we’re cracking on with the Blood Magic area and building a new platform.

HTMT: Elite Dangerous

Here’s an update on how the Tuesday group is getting on..

How To Murder Time 180: Mad Ranting

This week we’ve both been playing Mad Max and we have a chat about how many games you can get from subscriptions each month, and how much that’s stopping us buying new games.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 31: Portals and feeling faint

We’re almost at a point where we can make a portal for Botania, and it’s time to make a Blood Altar.

HTMT: Divinity Original Sin

Tim’s been playing Divinity: Original Sin.

Thimbleweed Park

Jon has been playing Thimbleweed park, a classically styled point and click adventure.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 30: Botania Experience

This time Tim is moving along with Botania and Jon is sorting out some XP gathering.

How To Murder Time 179: Neuromancer

This week it’s the return of the Hugo award winning book show. Not that we won a Hugo, the books did. We weren’t even nominated even though Tim could have done it if he really wanted but considered it crass to nominate ourselves.

The book the week is Neuromancer, the 1984 novel by William Gibson that basically created Cyberspace and half of the ideas we have today. But is the book any good, and how has it aged?