How To Murder Time 182: You’ve got 4X in your board game

This week the Friday group has moved onto Eclipse as their boardgame of choice in Tabletop Simulator, Tim has finished Mad Max and Jon has been playing The Crew and been very annoyed by it.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 37: More mob farms

Since we’re now experts in mob farms and one hasn’t gone wrong for literally hours let’s build a proper wither farm!

HTMT Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 36: Automating Tim

This time Tim has a go at automating things.

HTMT Guild Wars Group Update

It’s an update for the Guild Wars static group.

HTMT Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 35: It’s be quicker NOT to automate this

The power issues of last time have resulted in lots of pretty lasers springing up, and now lots of attempts at badly automating new things.

HTMT Mad Max

Both Tim and Jon have been playing Mad Max, but so far neither of us have fitted a thunderpoon to our actual cars.

HTMT: Borderlands 2 Co-op

Jon has been playing through Borderlands 2 again in co-op. Was the game always this long?

HTMT Minecraft Sky factory Episode 34: We’re going to need bigger wires

This time we’re hitting problems with our wiring. Maybe we should have actually designed it instead of just throwing it down?

HTMT: Game Subs Rant

Between Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus and the Humble Monthly Bundle Jon sure does get a lot of “free” games each month, but is it stopping him buying new games?

How To Murder Time 181: But the game’s too long

This week we’re complaining that Borderlands 2 is too long, rounding up the static group progress and playing Little Nightmares.