Minecraft Regrowth Episode 71

It’s time for us to go to another dimension, and this time it’s a labyrinth. I’m sure that can’t go badly and nobody will lose all their gear.

How To Murder Time 152

It’s another what we’re playing show and this time we’ve been spending time in Guildwars 1 and 2, as well as year 2 of Lego Dimensions and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 70

This episode we’re continuing with Thaumcraft, starting with showing off some of the changes to the setup.

How To Murder Time 151: Redshirts

It’s Hugo book time so we’re joined again by Days and Toerag to look at another winner. This episode we’re looking at the 2012 Novel Redshirts by John Scalzi. It’s the tale of a starship that certainly isn’t the Enterprise and what it’s like to be a red shirt on that ship, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to be selected for an away team…


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 69

We’re continuing with Witchery this time, and it’s making us make eggs again. The hobgoblin situation has not improved, in fact it’s gotten a lot more sinister.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 68

With the end dragon defeated we need to look towards Witchery again and getting back on track with quests. How about if we enslave hobgoblins? That sounds fun, if ethically dubious.

How To Murder Time 150

It’s that time of year again, so Jon is back to shouting at Anna in Forza Horizon 3 while also playing The Bunker, a full FMV game that amazingly doesn’t suck. Tim on the other hand is being overly cruel to Kerbals and the group is back in Guild Wars 2.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 67

After a brief confession this is the end. No, you’re not that lucky, it’s just time for us to go to the End and beat that pesky dragon. Amazingly neither of us have ever done that before…

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 66

Now we’re in charge of our dream world we can get serious with the questing there. I do hope that doesn’t turn out to be crushingly annoying…

How To Murder Time 149

This week Tim is talking about nostalgia and Jon is quietly disagreeing with some of the conclusions.