Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 57: Ticking off some quests

There’s some quests to tick off, and some things to fix…

How To Murder Time 190: There’s been another Mordor

This week we’ve been playing more games, but Tim wasn’t a cylon this time.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Rise of Industry
Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock
Lords of Waterdeep

HTMT: Trials Fusion

Jon has been playing Trials Fusion because it was free on Xbox.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 56: Boss fight!

We’ve not had a boss fight for a while, and after that we can address our power production a bit more.

Tabletop Simulator: Zia: Legends of a Drift System

The latest game played for the Tabletop Simulator nights was Zia: Legends of a Drift System. It’s slightly odd as the game is officially available to buy as an addin for it.

HTMT: Slime Rancher Update

Jon has been playing more Slime Rancher and so knows a bit more about where the game is going

HTMT: Endless Legend

Tim has been playing Endless Legend. He’s late to the party as usual.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 55: Dimensions

This dimension sucks so we’re off to a new one

How To Murder Time 189: We’ve run out of easy to pronounce games

This week Jon has been finding out what the later game in Slime Rancher is like as well as throwing bikes at steep slopes in Trials Fusion while Tim has been playing Endless Legends and the Tabletop Simulator group is continuing.

HTMT: Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a game about ranching slimes, and it’s really quite good.