Stop Stealing My Time

I’ve noticed a increasing pattern in my life recently: I’m resenting games. I suspect a lot of people are feeling it to some extent, the mobile model of paying to speed up games or you can’t play probably being the most obvious one but the thing that’s getting me the most at the moment is different. It’s the fact that games steal time from me. They make me repeat actions, revisit areas, chase low frequency drops in an effort to extend play times. This is time they are taking from us just to prolong the experience rather than making the experience better.

Game developers deciding that I need to put in some work before I can see the real game used to be something that I would put up with, but tell me I need to get to level 20 to really enjoy Destiny and I’m much more likely to consider what else I can do with that time that’ll be more fun. Tell me that an MMOs endgame is where it really starts and I’ll not bother playing what is by definition just hour upon hour of padding to get there. Tell me that there’s a 0.2% chance of getting the drop I want and I’ll see the 99.8% chance of me having wasted my time that could have been better spent sinking 10s of hours into something like Civilization. Tell me that your game lasts 100 hours and I’ll think that’s far too long for me to get invested in just in case the game is good and you haven’t padded it out just to hit a massively high number.

It’s not actually about the time spent, I’ll gladly put the hours in if I don’t think that the developers are wasting my time in order to prolong their game. It feels like they are stealing my time, and only I should get to choose what I do with that.

More often or not whenever I get told I need to level up in order to progress in a game now I’ll just walk away. It turns out that it means I play a lot more games that I actually enjoy the minute to minute of.


How To Murder Time 3.25: We have some gripes…

This week we’re moaning about the state of gaming because there was a Steam sale and, well, somebody has to moan about Steam and the madness that it brings.

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This week we’ve been looking at tabletop games that have recently received new editions and expansions.


How To Murder Time 3.23: Setting foot outside the studio

Due to it being summer and illness means that regular shows have been a little hard recently. This week we’re coming from the end of a day of gaming with our special guest Mike from Killed in A Smiling Accident and we talk about the games we’ve been playing recently.

How To Murder Time 3.22: Spoiling Blake’s Seven

This week we’ve been playing more games. And a bit more TV. 30 year rule folks!

  • Watch_Dogs
  • Defiance
  • Planetary Annihilation
  • Rift
  • Elite:Dangerous
  • X: Rebirth 2.0
  • Blake’s Seven
  • Lexx
  • Dungeons and Dragons (not in a good way)

How To Murder Time 3.21: Doing things that aren’t games

This week we’ve been doing what we always do: reading books, comics and watching TV. We don’t usually mention them, so it’s a what we’ve been doing that isn’t games show!

How To Murder Time 3.20: Back To Minecraft

This week we’ve been playing more games!

  • Strike Suite Zero
  • War Thunder
  • Disney Infinity
  • Defiance
  • Minecraft

How To Murder Time 3.19: Cube Quest and Warhammer Diskwars

This week we’ve been playing two unusual wargames.

Cube Quest is a game about flicking dice across the table (and under furniture) and Diskwars is a game about flipping disks end over end.

How do they compare to the usual miniature based fare? Listen to find out.

How To Murder Time 3.18: The one where Jon plays an MMO again

This week we’re talking about what we’ve been playing recently, and it’s (nearly) all change.

  1. Unfinished Swan
  2. War Thunder
  3. Remember Me
  4. Defiance
  5. Grand Theft Auto 5
  6. Minecraft
  7. Final Fantasy XIV

How To Murder Time 3.17: Completing Games

This week we’re talking about completing games. When do you consider them completed and move on to the next game? Can it get out of hand if you add achievements to the mix? Also, what about completing MMOs?