Space Engineers Episode 19

It’s time to take the fight to the enemy! We’re not sure why they hate us, but they’re marked with red on the HUD so they must be bad. Well they do keep shooting us as well so I think that’s also a clue. Before we can attack we must make a fighter. That should be easy enough.

Space Engineers Episode 18

It’s almost time to move on from our asteroid, so here’s a recap of what we’ve finished building and then it’s off into adventures!

How To Murder Time 4.10

It’s podcast time, and this week we’re talking about Trove, Everybody’s gone to the rapture, Elite: Dangerous and Ark: Survival Evolved.

They’re all good games, so why are we down on them?

As always there’s a video version of the podcast available as well where you can see what we’re talking about.

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Interplanetary is a game about upgrading the infrastructure on your planet and then flinging projectiles around a solar system in order to destroy other planets, which are all orbiting and have gravity. Who hasn’t wanted to do that?

Space Engineers Episode 17

Last time we armed our ship. This time we deal with the repercussions of that act…


Guild of Dungeneering

We’re talking a look at Guild of Dungeoneering, a game about building up a guild and going dungeoneering by playing cards.


Space Engineers Episode 16


What happens when we’re attacked? Panic, a lack of organisation and some frantic repairs and weapon building. I’m sure none of that will go horribly wrong.

Space Engineers Episode 15

We need somewhere to store our loot, so this time we’re looking at the boring things we did off camera and then start working on a cargo module.

Space Engineers Episode 14

Now that we’ve found a nice base that we could actually live the rest of our lives at it’s time to do the only sane thing: completely destroy it and use the parts to make our ship better. Time to improve our salvage ship with more saws!


How To Murder Time 4.09

It’s that podcast time again and it’s not all Space Engineers. This time we’re talking about Her Story and Portal Stories: Mel because apparently Jon only plays games with “Story” in the title now. We also discuss Anarchy Online’s new graphics engine and of course a bit of Space Engineers.

You can also catch the video version here:

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