How To Murder Time 4.21

It’s another podcast and this time we’ve been playing:

  • Rift
  • Uncharted
  • Wurm Unlimited
  • This War of Mine
  • Defiance
  • Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

You’d think only one of those games would have us considering the weight of our actions and how much of a monster bad situations could turn us into, but we managed two of them.

As always you can also find the video version over on YouTube, or embedded here.

How To Murder Time 4.20

How can this week’s show not be about Fallout 4? We also look at Never Alone because sometimes you just need to play something that’ll teach you things.

Portal 2 Co-op Part 2

We’re still battling through portal together. Well together is a relative term. We’re sort of working towards the same goal…


How To Murder Time 4.19 System Shock, Lego Dimensions, Wurm Unlimited and Anno 2205

It’s podcast time again, and we’re looking at the classic System Shock, the expensive Doctor Who level pack for Lego Dimensions, The MMO-less Wurm Unlimited and we’re off to the moon with Anno 2205.

There’s also the video version here if you’re so inclined.


Portal 2 Co-Op Part 1

We’ve started a new series over on YouTube, and since we’re on the bleeding edge of games we’ve gone back to Portal 2. It turns out that the game is still one of the better co-op experiences, so that’s lucky! Now all we have to do is get through the game without killing each other in real life.



How To Murder Time 4.18

This week we’re talking in depth about just two games: The PS4 exclusive The Order: 1888 and the episodic Life is Strange. We try and avoid any major spoilers on that last one,  but do talk about some things I think everybody should be aware of that happen before they play along the way.

As usual we also have a video version of the show here as well.


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How To Murder Time 4.17

After a brief delay we’re back with another look at what we’ve been playing recently. Expect X: Rebirth, Unmechanical and a rant about PS+, The original Deus Ex and an only slightly spoilery chat about The Beginners Guide.

Here’s the video version if you want more than just audio.

How To Murder Time 4.16

This week Jon hates a game that everybody likes and Tim likes a game that everybody hates. We’ll probably have changed out mind by next week, but enjoy it while you can. The games this week are Metal Gear Solid, Rift, X Rebirth and Lego Dimensions.

How To Murder Time 4.15

This week we’re talking a look at Metal Gear Solid, Forza, Puzzle Quest, Black Flag and Rift.

Don’t forget that there’s also the video version of the show, this week featuring really bad driving.