Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 20: Trouble with Cows

This time we’re playing with autocrafting, doing unspeakable things to a cow and then we’re off to the Nether!

How To Murder Time Episode 175: 40k 8th Edition and the Bloodborne card game

This week we’re talking about why the Division is no longer being played, why The Witness was good but pretentious and why the Bloodborne card game is better that you would expect.

Then there’s some 40k talk as GW have gone mad and continue to do things right, and they also announced 8th edition just before we recorded.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 19: Too Many Chickens

When is it OK to kill loads of chickens? This episode we find out.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 18: Let’s not assign blame

This time we’re coolly and calmly dealing with spawning mobs and keeping everything totally under control at all times.

How To Murder Time Episode 174: The Graveyard Book

It’s time for another Hugo award winning book, and this month Toerag has picked The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

It’s the tale of a boy who grows up in a graveyard and is our second book ostensibly aimed at children. How does it fare against the usual books that win?

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 17

We’ve nearly got the infrastructure ready for proper farming, so we are pushing on towards that.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 16: Don’t Lose Your Head

This time it’s water power and beheadings. Well that’s a combination.

How To Murder Time 173: Round ups and Dawning of Zero

This week we’re doing a roundup of the weekly groups, discussing why Horizon: Zero Dawn isn’t as good as it first seemed and then looking at the Hugo nominees for this year.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 15: Farms

This time Tim is building a farm and Jon is working on making a farming machine so Tim doesn’t have to become a farmer.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 14: Rain be gone

This time Tim is expanding the platform again with… well he thinks it’s a good idea. Meanwhile Jon is making the rain go away and sorting out power generation as we keep running out while dodging annoying holes in the floor.