Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 62

We’re getting there, so there’s a bunch of quests to remove from the wall and then we need to look again at more power generation methods..

How To Murder Time 192: As hard as it should be

We’re back with a roundup of the weekly groups and a chat about game difficulty.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 61: Chaos

In which Tim annoys a dragon and a chest annoys Jon.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 60: Finishing with magic

We’re finishing off more pages this episode. The end is in sight.

How To Murder Time 191: Thargoids

This week we talk about Forza 7, Thargoids in Elite Dangerous and some mobile games that stopped Tim from getting bored on a walking holiday.

HTMT: Shadow of Mordor

Tim has finally caught up with Shadow of Mordor, and the Orcs aren’t the only things that aren’t pretty.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 59: Rainbow

There’s a few quests we can tick off, and there’s a rainbow generator to build too.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 58: Spawners

We start this episode by going off to hunt for Blaze spawners because the book tells us to and we’re slaves to that kind of thing.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 57: Ticking off some quests

There’s some quests to tick off, and some things to fix…

How To Murder Time 190: There’s been another Mordor

This week we’ve been playing more games, but Tim wasn’t a cylon this time.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Rise of Industry
Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock
Lords of Waterdeep