Space Engineers Episode 15

We need somewhere to store our loot, so this time we’re looking at the boring things we did off camera and then start working on a cargo module.

Space Engineers Episode 14

Now that we’ve found a nice base that we could actually live the rest of our lives at it’s time to do the only sane thing: completely destroy it and use the parts to make our ship better. Time to improve our salvage ship with more saws!


How To Murder Time 4.09

It’s that podcast time again and it’s not all Space Engineers. This time we’re talking about Her Story and Portal Stories: Mel because apparently Jon only plays games with “Story” in the title now. We also discuss Anarchy Online’s new graphics engine and of course a bit of Space Engineers.

You can also catch the video version here:

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Space Engineers Episode 13

We finished the ship, the platform is dismantled and now it’s time to go out into the universe and have adventures! Our first target is the base we discovered a couple of episodes back. Let the proactive salvaging commence!

Space Engineers Episode 12

It’s time for us to finish getting all of the basics on our new ship and to dismantle the platform ready for our long journey.

Space Engineers 11

It’s time to get this ship floating. I mean flying. Whatever. Anyway, more space musical chairs as we get closer to setting off into the wild black yonder.

Space Engineers 10

The ship is starting to come together, but what would an episode be without finding a new way to lose a ship in space?

Space Engineers Episode 9

Construction of the big ship takes on a rather hurried pace as the dreaded landing gear vibration strikes again. I’m sure that the tug we’re building is good enough to save the day, right?

Space Engineers Episode 8

After the accident last episode you would think that Tim would make putting thrusters on his ship his number one priority, wouldn’t you?

Space Engineers Episode 7

If we ever give the illusion of knowing what we’re doing then this episode should fix that misapprehension. The build of the new ship continues, but we decide we need to build a construction ship to speed that up. You wouldn’t think we could screw that up, would you?