Space Engineers Episode 9

Construction of the big ship takes on a rather hurried pace as the dreaded landing gear vibration strikes again. I’m sure that the tug we’re building is good enough to save the day, right?

Space Engineers Episode 8

After the accident last episode you would think that Tim would make putting thrusters on his ship his number one priority, wouldn’t you?

Space Engineers Episode 7

If we ever give the illusion of knowing what we’re doing then this episode should fix that misapprehension. The build of the new ship continues, but we decide we need to build a construction ship to speed that up. You wouldn’t think we could screw that up, would you?

How To Murder Time 4.08

We’re back with another podcast and this time we’re talking about Rift, The Witcher 3, Space Engineers and Fallout Shelter.

One of these games is very shallow, but I don’t think I can think of a click bait-y title to encourage you to listen and find out which.

Don’t forget that along with the traditional¬†audio we also have a video version of the show available for those of you who want to see the games that we’re talking about.

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Space Engineers Episode 6

It’s finally time to start on our big new ship. I do hope nothing goes wrong with it before it’s even finished…


Space Engineers Episode 5

It’s time to improve our temporary home so we don’t suffocate and can build enough bits for a big spaceship.

Space Engineers Episode 4

A mining ship with only one drill doesn’t seem very impressive, and we’ve got a massive ship to build so it’s time for an upgrade as we finish off our preparations for our big build.


Going back to Anarchy Online

We both played a lot of Anarchy Online back in the day, and with the threat of a new graphics engine coming in… sometime, we decided to take a¬†look back at how the game is now.

Space Engineers Episode 3

What kind of people finish a ship just to lose it in space. Us, that’s who. Will we find it again? Am I trying to make it sound more dramatic? Find out today.

Space Engineers Episode 2

Having not died so far in Space Engineers, this time we work on a mining ship because those asteroids have to die.