Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 10: Power games

This time the main platform takes shape and we get on with lava based power generation. A health and safety assessment was not performed before hand.

How To Murder Time 170: Hyperion

This week we’re joined by Toerag for the next in our Hugo award winners series. This time we’re looking 1989 winner, Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 9: Dirt from thin air

This time Botania delivers something useful and machines are built.

Minecraft Sky Factory 8: Bigger base

We continue to expand the platform into something a bit more useful, and it’s time to get the power going.

How To Murder Time 169: Watching the Horizon

This week we’re talking about Elite Dangerous, Torment: tides of numenera, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Guildwars 2.

Minecraft Skyfactory Episode 7: I’ll just build that again then

Now we have a supply of Stone it’s time to build up the platform and get started on the mob farm. I’m sure that can’t go wrong.

Minecraft Sky Factory 6: Better cobble, Smelteries and Botania

Well the cobble gen we built is OK, but a bit of a pain so it’s time to build a smeltery so we can build a better one.We should also sort out that Botania mana generation.

How To Murder Time 168: 9 Years of Podcasting

We’ve been podcasting for 9 years this week, so it’s a sort of special show that I hope won’t put you all off from watching. We talk about playing Elite Dangerous with the gang, the new Microsoft game subscription service, The Division and Project Cars.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 5: Botania

We’re just about to sort the stone situation, so it’s time to push on with Botania and get some mana generated.

Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 4: Lava and Botania

It’s our first screwup of the series! See if you can spot it.

This time we’re finishing with the lava and getting started on the cobble gen. Unlimited resources, here we come!