Season 1

This is the archive of season one of How To Murder Time. There is an RSS feed that contains the shows available for your handy podcasting listening pleasure here.

Episode 1: Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game)

Episode 2: Ultramarines (40k Movie)

Episode 3: Black Prophecy (Game)

Episode 4: Thunderstone (Card Game)

Episode 5: Settlers of Catan (Board Game)

Episode 6: The Isle of Wight (Daytrip)

Episode 7: Red Mars (Book)

Episode 8: Making Your Own Wine (Liver Failure)

Episode 9: Uncharted Seas (Game)

Episode 10: Battlestar Galactica (Board Game)

Episode 11: System Shock (Game)

Episode 12: Doctor Who (TV Show)

Episode 13: Civilization

Episode 14: Senna (Movie)

Episode 15: Dreadfleet (Tabletop game)

Episode 16: Perdido Street Station (Book)

Episode 17: Warhammer 40k (Tabletop)

Episode 18: Dune 2 (Game)

Episode 19: Life In A Day (Film)

Episode 20: The Games of 2011

Episode 21: Le Quattro Volte (Film)

Episode 22: What We’ve Been Playing

Episode 23: Halo Cryptum (Book)

Episode 24: More What We’ve Been Playing

Episode 25: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Film)

Episode 26: TRON 2.0 (Game)

Episode 27: Small Worlds

Episode 28:

Episode 29:

Episode 30:

Episode 31:

Episode 32:

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