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PlanetSide 2: ‘VanHemlock’ on Miller [EU] Server, Vanu Sovereignty Empire

2 thoughts on “Find us in games

  1. Steve Norton says:

    Was a huge fan of the VanHemlock podcast and just started listening to How to Murder Time. Have you guys tried Day Z mod for Arma II yet? If you haven’t you should. But watch some youtube videos first so you can see what your getting into (Frankie on PC or Jack Frag’s are the best imho). Glad your still podcasting and hope you continue to do so.

    Steve Norton
    Boscawen, New Hampshire USA

  2. Gabriel Bloodworth says:

    TIm and Jon,
    I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your podcast. I am a glassblower in the US, I own a small glass shop with my father. I work long hours, and drive around the midwest selling glass at art shows. Your shows help pass the time, and keep me in the loop on modern games. I do not have much time to play many games, and my computer is to out of date to handle much, but I have recently started playing Rift after hearing about it on HTMT. So much fun, it scratches the MMO itch. I have tried to play planetside2, my box couldn’t handle it, 9 fps, sigh.
    I have listened to so many different podcasts, and yours is my favorite. Your intelligent and friendship with each other is obvious. It is a pleasure to hear your banter and rants.
    Recently I have listened back to some of the old Van Hemlock episodes, great stuff.
    Ideas for segments / shows.
    -Skyrim has tons of new mods, for free again, after the paid mods fiasco.
    They can make the game look amazing, and you discussed it in a old Van Hemlock episode.
    -Diablo 3 is pants, no need to payfor it. I bought it after the 2.0 update that killed the auction house, gameplay is fun, story is short, and a bit shit. seems the main game is rerunning the same dungeons for slightly better gear.
    -I heard of HTMT from Kritzkast. Perhaps give TF2 a try, it can be great fun, but it is Deathmatch. If you do decide to give it a shot let me know, I have lots of unlocked weps I can give you, maybe even a hat :).
    -Are consoles dead? What about the steam box?
    Thank you again for everything, I love the new videos, Tim will get the hang of the intros eventually.

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