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Rogue Legacy

Last week we took a look at the games available on PS+ for the PS4 this month, and like an idiot I forgot to post them here.

Rogue Legacy is a game that I suck at. You are a person in a suit of armour with a big sword and a special ability I constantly forget you have. You then die and a descendant is selected to take your place. Who also dies because I suck at this game. Still, the more I play it the more I like it. I just wish I didn’t suck at it.



We’ve been at the video again, and we’re spending the rest of the week looking at what games you get on Xbox One and PS4 this month just for paying MS and Sony for their subscription services. First up is #IDARB on on the Xbox, which is a multiplayer sports game that’s really quite fun and actually has local multiplayer using multiple controllers. Whatever will they think of next?

The game also features what may well be the most misjudged social media integration ever. Or it’s the most brilliant. It’s one or the other.



We’ve been taking a look at Crackdown. There are orbs. So many orbs.



What happens when the current craze for block based building games meets medieval war machines? You get an awesome puzzle game.

No war crimes were committed in this video. Except the ones that were.



Crashing in Burnout Revenge

What’s the best arcade driving game series ever made? That’s probably obvious if you’ve either listened to us before or read the title of this post. We’re playing the crash junctions in Burnout Revenge that are so sorely missing from Burnout Paradise.


Star Trek Legacy

It’s video time again, and this time we had a look at Star Trek Legacy, a largely forgotten game that features the proper voice acting of all but one of the Star Trek captains, as well as Shatner doing whatever it is he does when he can’t be bothered to act. The game is worth playing if only just to hear how bored Kirk is with the whole captaining thing.

We mess around with the odd Quantum Leap episode part because I lost my save and I can’t face getting through Shatner to get to the real actors on the other side.

It’s an interesting game that probably should have done better than it did as it’s one of the better Trek games made, although that’s not exactly saying much.


Exploration in Elite Dangerous

There are many ways to make money in Elite Dangerous and if you’re one of those strange people who don’t like combat or trading then we have a video for you. Watch and listen as Tim shows how to explore systems in Elite and find uncharted planets for fun and profit.


Red Faction Guerrilla

One of the most disappointing trends in gaming over the last decade or so has been the movement away from local multiplayer. Those games where you can sit around with friends and not worry about random internet strangers getting annoyed that you just got distracted because you’ve found the most fun thing ever in the game, especially if it’s only fun because you’re all drunk.

Red Faction Guerrilla has a fantastic local multiplayer mode that is ideal for this. A series of challenge modes where you can just pass the controller between goes and not worry about everybody having accounts, achievements or anything else and just have fun destroying buildings on Mars. Do we have what it takes to be in the demolition business? How could we fail when we’re more likely to accidentally destroy the place than do what we’re meant to be doing in most games anyway?

Bring back party modes in games!



It’s another video from us, and this time we’re playing Destiny on the PS4 with a super low level character being played by somebody who can’t remember what’s going on and wishes he had a keyboard and mouse. I call it living the dream.



Forza Horizon 2

First the good news: the podcast will return in a few weeks. It probably isn’t going to be weekly, but it will be regular.

Now the bad news. We heard that YouTubers are making videos of their new Ferraris and there’s no way I’m turning down a free Ferrari! So we made a video talking about Forza Horizon 2. It’s much like when we’re talking about what we’ve been playing but with more visuals so you don’t have to guess what the game looks like. Now when does my Ferrari arrive?

We’re still experimenting with video and there’s a couple of ideas we’re trying out to see what works and what is popular. Some will be shorter and more focused, some will be older games and some will be the latest releases. Let us know what you prefer and what you don’t like! Feel free to suggest games we can play and talk about as well, we’re always open to suggestions.

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