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HTMT Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Not all Lara Croft games are 3rd person action adventures with lots of shooting. Some are isometric action adventures with lots of shooting and added co-op.

HTMT: Obduction Completed

Tim has completed Obduction. Here are his thoughts.

HTMT: The Crew

The Crew is an Ubisoft open world driving game. With towers that unlock the map. What’s not to like? Quite a lot it turns out…

HTMT Eclipse in Tabletop Simulator

The Friday group has started a game of the board game Eclipse in Tabletop Simulator. It’s quite good.

HTMT: Mad Max Finished

Tim has finished his playthough of Mad Max so it’s time for some final thoughts on the game.

HTMT Obduction

Obduction is a game by the people who made Myst that’s very much in the same spirit.

HTMT Magikarp Jump

Magikarp is of course the best Pokemon, but can you hang an entire game on him jumping?

HTMT Guild Wars Group Update

It’s an update for the Guild Wars static group.

HTMT Mad Max

Both Tim and Jon have been playing Mad Max, but so far neither of us have fitted a thunderpoon to our actual cars.

HTMT: Borderlands 2 Co-op

Jon has been playing through Borderlands 2 again in co-op. Was the game always this long?