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HTMT Guild Wars Group Update

It’s an update for the Guild Wars static group.

HTMT Mad Max

Both Tim and Jon have been playing Mad Max, but so far neither of us have fitted a thunderpoon to our actual cars.

HTMT: Borderlands 2 Co-op

Jon has been playing through Borderlands 2 again in co-op. Was the game always this long?

HTMT: Game Subs Rant

Between Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus and the Humble Monthly Bundle Jon sure does get a lot of “free” games each month, but is it stopping him buying new games?

HTMT: Star Crawlers

It’s a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. In Space! That’s actually good!

HTMT: Elite Dangerous

Here’s an update on how the Tuesday group is getting on..

HTMT: Divinity Original Sin

Tim’s been playing Divinity: Original Sin.

Thimbleweed Park

Jon has been playing Thimbleweed park, a classically styled point and click adventure.

Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC

DLC based on Hot Wheels cars and tracks? That’s almost as fun as Burnout? Can it really be true?