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How To Murder Time 167: Regrowth Recap

The regrowth series recently ended, so we have a chat about what we think of it now we’ve done it all. Then we move on to talking about the first of our Elite Dangerous group sessions and how that went.

How To Murder Time 166: Shute Colony

This week we’ve mostly been playing Guildwars 2, Fallout Shelter, The Division, Halo: Combat Evolved and Elite Dangerous.

How To Murder Time 165: The Man in the High Castle

It’s Hugo winner time again, and so we’ve read Philip K Dick’s classic 1962 alternate history novel The Man in the High Castle where the Allies lost WW2 and now the Germans and Japanese have divided up a conquered America.

How To Murder Time 164: Having Visited Everywhere

This week Tim has visited all of the map in Guildwars and has been on a road trip in Elite Dangerous, while Jon has been breaking time in Quantum break and having doubts about renewing PlayStation Plus.

How To Murder Time 163: Weekly Group Roundup

This week we’re talking about what the various static groups are, chime up if you want to join in! We’re discussing Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, The Division, Elite Dangerous and Star Wars: Force Arena.

How To Murder Time 162: Odd dog-thing

This week we’ve been playing The Division, The Last Guardian, Fallout: New Vegas and the original Gears of War.

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How To Murder Time 161: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

It’s the monthly Hugo episode so we’re joined by Toerag and Days to read the 2001 Hugo Winner, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. You may not have heard of it, it’s a bit obscure.

Possibly the most un-Hugo novel to ever win, and undoubtedly the most successful book to ever win but what do we think of it? Is it worthy of the award and who is it for exactly?

How To Murder Time 160: Our Games of the Year

Another year has passed so we’re looking back to the games that we played that stood out to us this year. They may not have been released this year, but they’re the ones we really enjoyed.

This year the honours go to Destiny, Tabletop Simulator, Firewatch, Doom (2016), Minecraft Regrowth and Hitman (2016).

That’s not a bad list actually. Gaming is saved for another year.

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How To Murder Time 159: Hitting Genestealers with your impostor syndrome

This week we’ve been playing The Beginner’s Guide, Space Hulk: Deathwing and Fallout: New Vegas. Well you can’t say we don’t give you a varied set of games this time.

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How To Murder Time 158

This week we’re been playing Guild Wars, Pokemon Moon, Duskers and Defect SDK. So we talk about them.

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