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How To Murder Time 3.15: Lords of Waterdeep and Blood Bowl Team Manager

This week we’ve been looking at two board games.

Lords of Waterdeep is a resource management game set in the Forgotten Realms in which you send adventurers off on adventures in order to increase your political power.

Blood Bowl Team Manager is a card game where you manage a team as they compete in various leagues leading up to The Blood Bowl itself.

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How To Murder Time 3.14: Playing Stuff

This week we’ve been playing games again

  • Remember Me
  • Skylanders Swap Force
  • Alpha Centauri
  • inFamous Second Son
  • Assassin’s Creed III
  • Space Marine
  • Planetside 2
  • Rocksmith 2014

How To Murder Time 3.13: Game Difficulty

This week we’re looking at difficulty in games. When is it right, and when is it bad? What happens when Tim plays Dark Souls?

How To Murder Time 3.12: Being Negative About What We’ve Played

We’re back with the normal show for the week, and we’ve been getting all negative about games again.

  • The Secret World
  • Banished
  • Assassin’s Creed 3
  • inFamous: Second Son
  • The Old Republic
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Planetside 2
  • Godus

How To Murder Time 3.11: Game Music Special

Do you want an extra episode? I hope so because here’s a bonus episode about music!

Track list:

01: Guild Wars: Nightfall – Kournan Caravan – Jeremey Soule
02: EVE Online – Surplus of Rare Artifacts – Jon Hallur Haraldsson (RealX)
03: Portal 2 – The Part Where He Kills You – Mike Morasky
04: Prince of Persia (2008) – Healing Ground – Inon Zur & Stuart Chatwood
05: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The One They Fear – Jeremey Soule
06: Star Trek Online – Explore 6 – Kevin Manethi
07: Mass Effect 2 – The Long Walk – Jack Wall
08: Darwinia – Faces of a Fashion – Timothy Lamb (Trash80)
09: Assassin’s Creed II – Flight Over Venice 1 – Jesper Kyd
10: Final Fantasy XIII – The Gapra Whitewood – Masashi Hamauzu
11: Borderlands – Travelling To The Vault – Raison Varner
12: Discworld: Noir – Piano Rag – Paul Weir
13: Fallout 3 – Explore 2 – Inon Zur
14: ??? – ??? – ??? (Competition Track 1)
15: ??? – ??? – ??? (Competition Track 2)
16: ??? – ??? – ??? (Competition Track 3)
17: Where What Where – Underflow – Attic Trax

Join us in a few days for another show!

(Competition entries to go here!)

How To Murder Time 3.10: Magic and Dropzone Commander

This week we’re taking a look at two new games: Magic The Gathering, the classic collectable card game and Dropzone Commander, a tabletop wargame famed for the quality of its miniatures.

How To Murder Time 3.09: Skylanders, Stealing, South Park and History Lessons

This week we’ve been busy playing games so that you don’t have to. I think that’s how it works anyway. Games covered this week:

  • Planetside 2
  • Skylanders
  • Morrowind
  • Thief
  • Star Trek Online
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Assassin’s Creed 3
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth

How To Murder Time 3.08: Game Preservation

This week we are looking at the serious side of games: Who will preserve them for future generations?

Will it be Companies, Governments or Pirates, or some combination of the three? Between them all can we guarantee that future scholars will have anything left to study when servers are gone, hardware has died and copy protection no longer protects?

One last thing. Can somebody please prove that we’re wrong about who owns the rights for the Sinclair Spectrum?

How To Murder Time 3.07: Face Full of Cougar

This week we’re talking about what’re we’ve been playing, and it’s not pretty:

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How To Murder Time 3.06: Malifaux 2e and Android Netrunner

This week we’re looking at two more tabletop games.

The first is Malifaux 2nd Edition, which is a skirmish miniature game where two forces of around six models come together in a world of Gothic, Steampunk and Victorian Horror set on an alternate earth.

The second game is Android: Netrunner, a cyberpunk card game about massive corporations, their servers and the runners who hack them.

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