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How To Murder Time: Civilization

This time we are looking at one of the more serious ways that we’ve both murdered time over the years: playing the first Civilization game.

How To Murder Time: System Shock

This time we are looking back at one of the classics of gaming history, System Shock. Remember folks, never trust a strange AI.

How To Murder Time: Battlestar Galactica Boardgame

How To Murder Time – Black Prophecy

This time we are looking at Black Prophecy, the space MMO from Reakktor Media.

How well does this space sim stack up against the competition? Is there even any competition for it?

How To Murder Time: Ultramarines

In this episode we are taking a look at a film. We decided to start with a high water mark of filmic acomplishment, but I couldn’t find that DVD and so we looked at the recent Warhammer 40k movie: Ultramarines.

Interestingly enough since recording it’s been announced that it’s now available in HD and for digital download so I’m very sorry but there’s no excuse for not seeing it now.

How To Murder Time: Arkham Asylum

What’s this? A podcast? Surely not.

This episode: Arkham Asylum. Kapow! Bash! Punchification!