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Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 25: More Power

This time we’re starting on a dedicated power production floor, which does mean switching everything off for a bit…

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 97

This is it, the last episode. All we have to do is finish the last few quests and then we’re done…

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 96

We’re on the home straight, so we’re forging on with the Vampire quests.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 95

We’ll be the first to admit that maybe we were slightly less than prepared for that boss fight, so it’s time for round one! If we can stop dying during the preparation that is.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 94

We’re approaching the end and we are down to just one page to go, so let’s knock out a quick boss fight before we knuckle down with the rest.

That can’t take more than a few minutes, can it?

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 93

We continue working through the final Witchcraft quests, this time summoning some scary things without getting repeatedly killed. Maybe.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 92

We can see the finish line, and it’s just Witchery to go so we’re pushing on to finish another page before we start to not turn Tim into a Vampire. That isn’t going to happen, so don’t worry if you’re reading this Tim.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 91

Now that we’ve got all the power we could ever drink it’s time to get back to Witchcraft and make a push towards finishing the book. Or get all confused by magical mirrors, one or the other.

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 90

The reactor is almost ready to go so let’s UNLEASH THE LASER.

We did wire this thing up right, didn’t we?

Minecraft Regrowth Episode 89

The reactor nears completion, and we’ve still not added safety rails anywhere.