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Portal 2 Co-Op Episode 13. The nightmare ends!

It’s the last test chamber. Can we take everything we’ve learnt and solve it quickly? Find out in the longest episode yet!

Portal 2 Co-Op Episode 12

Speed gel is your friend. Do not question the speed gel. Do question the sudden deceleration from the speed gel though.

Portal 2 Co-Op Episode 11

We’ve unlocked gels, so bouncing wildly out of control is the only way to solve problems now.

Portal 2 Co-Op Episode 10

The testing continues…

Portal 2 Co-Op Part 9

We’re continuing to test how long we can go in Portal without killing each other.

Portal 2 Co-Op Part 8

It turns out we completed a set of tests last time, so it’s on with the next!

Portal Co-Op Part 7

Hang on, are we actually getting better at this?

Portal 2 Co-Op Part 6

Six episodes in and we’re totally on top of the game. Well, until we get stuck this week of course…

Portal 2 Co-Op Part 5

We’re still testing. Testing each other.

Portal 2 Co-Op Part 4

More testing! It’s just like being back at school, only with more spinning fan blades to slam into. Slightly more. OK, to be honest there’s about the same amount of fans.