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How To Murder Time 193: Moaning

This time we’re talking about Warframe, Elite Dangerous and moaning about too long games.

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How To Murder Time 192: As hard as it should be

We’re back with a roundup of the weekly groups and a chat about game difficulty.

How To Murder Time 191: Thargoids

This week we talk about Forza 7, Thargoids in Elite Dangerous and some mobile games that stopped Tim from getting bored on a walking holiday.

How To Murder Time 190: There’s been another Mordor

This week we’ve been playing more games, but Tim wasn’t a cylon this time.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Rise of Industry
Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock
Lords of Waterdeep

How To Murder Time 189: We’ve run out of easy to pronounce games

This week Jon has been finding out what the later game in Slime Rancher is like as well as throwing bikes at steep slopes in Trials Fusion while Tim has been playing Endless Legends and the Tabletop Simulator group is continuing.

How To Murder Time 188: Ringworld

We’re joined again by Toerag to talk about our latest Hugo novel, which this time is Ringworld by Larry Niven. There’s a large ring around a sun and so a team is assembled to go investigate it in a book that dominates the genre of big stupid objects in space.

How To Murder Time 187: Tim is wrong again?

This time Tim talks about the list of winning Hugo novels this year and looks at how they compare to his choices, Jon has been playing Slime Rancher and Patapon while Tim has been playing Warframe, Path of Exile and Tabletop Simulator.

00:00 Hugo winners 2017
10:55 Slime Rancher
16:50 Warframe
29:50 Patapon, Skyrim and other remasters
41:10 Path of Exile
49:05 Tabletop Simulator: Battlestar Galactica and Thunderstone.

How To Murder Time 186: How to complete MMOs

This week Jon has been learning how to play football with Behold the Kickmen and how to run a kingdom with Kingdoms and Castles. Castles and Kingdoms. Towns and Castles. Avenues and Alleyways. One of those titles, it’s a very forgettable name. Meanwhile Tim has gone to Earth in Elite and actually finished Guildwars. Or so he says.

How To Murder Time 185: The real 185

This week Tim is rounding up the nightly groups while Jon has been playing Kane and Lynch 2, which is without doubt the worse game that he’s played in… forever and getting annoyed at Horizon: Zero Dawn.

How To Murder Time 184: Ninja Camping

Time spent the night in a ditch (on purpose), Jon played Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Tim finished Obduction, and Jon tried out Grow Up. Tim has also read an awful lot of books so there’s a wrap up of the Hugo finalists for this year.