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How To Murder Time 180: Mad Ranting

This week we’ve both been playing Mad Max and we have a chat about how many games you can get from subscriptions each month, and how much that’s stopping us buying new games.

How To Murder Time 179: Neuromancer

This week it’s the return of the Hugo award winning book show. Not that we won a Hugo, the books did. We weren’t even nominated even though Tim could have done it if he really wanted but considered it crass to nominate ourselves.

The book the week is Neuromancer, the 1984 novel by William Gibson that basically created Cyberspace and half of the ideas we have today. But is the book any good, and how has it aged?

How To Murder Time 178: Smuggling

This week Tim has been off walking and is now paying the price and the group has been smuggling things in Elite. Jon has been playing the Hot Wheels DLC in Forza Horizon 3 and it’s as insane as it sounds, and has also been playing Thimbleweed Park which is just as mad as you’d hope.

The video version of the show is trying something new for a bit so it’ll be released in chunks throughout the next next week so that it’s a more manageable size and easier to find the bits that you want while restoring the podcast to the true definitive (and first) version.

How To Murder Time 177: Remember FMV

This week we’ve been playing Late Shift, which is a fully FMV game, Remember Me, which isn’t, Path of Exile and Dawn of War 3.

How To Murder Time 176: You can’t win

This week we’ve been looking at generation ships in Elite Dangerous, building ships in Space Engineers, hitting things in Guns of Icarus and wondering how unbalanced a boardgame can actually be with Warhammer 40k Lost Patrol.

How To Murder Time Episode 175: 40k 8th Edition and the Bloodborne card game

This week we’re talking about why the Division is no longer being played, why The Witness was good but pretentious and why the Bloodborne card game is better that you would expect.

Then there’s some 40k talk as GW have gone mad and continue to do things right, and they also announced 8th edition just before we recorded.

How To Murder Time Episode 174: The Graveyard Book

It’s time for another Hugo award winning book, and this month Toerag has picked The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

It’s the tale of a boy who grows up in a graveyard and is our second book ostensibly aimed at children. How does it fare against the usual books that win?

How To Murder Time 173: Round ups and Dawning of Zero

This week we’re doing a roundup of the weekly groups, discussing why Horizon: Zero Dawn isn’t as good as it first seemed and then looking at the Hugo nominees for this year.

How To Murder Time 172: Puzzles all the way down

This week Jon has given Tim a code for The Witness because he knew what it would do to him, but then started playing Thimbleweed Park so we’re both screwed really. Weve also checked out Guns of Icarus Alliance and the Cartoon Museum’s 2000ad exhibition.

How To Murder Time 171: It’s a kind of magic

This week we’re catching up with what Jon has been playing in his co-op sessions, which is Halo 1, Gears of War 2 and Borderlands 2. We also have a discussion about Magic the Gathering as games of it have been played recently and Tim has been walking loads instead of playing games.