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How To Murder Time 140

They’ve added making stuff into Planetside 2 so the Friday night game group went to take a look. Meanwhile Forza 6 Apex released on PC as a beta, so is the free to play elements any better than when Forza 5 launched? Finally there’s adventuring to be done in Divinity: Original Sin.

Here’s the video version for those of you you like pictures.


How To Murder Time 139

This week we’re talking about the first DLC missions for Just Cause 3 and why it’s not as good as 2, why Carmageddon Reincarnation doesn’t feel great and why Tim can’t get on with Rocket League.

There’s also a bit of a rant about VR and how The Vanishing of Ethan Carter manages to get it so wrong control wise (at least on the the Rift), and why this is a big problem with VR as a whole.


How To Murder Time 138

This week we’ve been playing with VR and shooting ships in Man o War: Corsair, as well as playing Legend of Grimrock, Rayman Legends and Planetside 2.

There’s also an update on the latest Friday games night, which was Civilization V.

How To Murder Time 137

This week we’re running down the current state of the static groups, with Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rift and Star Trek Online. There’s also a dive into Civilization 5 and some co-op experiences with Disney Infinity’s Star Wars levels and Vermintide.


How To Murder Time 136

This week we’re discussing the community night in Burnout Paradise, which is the best game ever made. We’re also talking about X: Rebirth, The Marvel fighting game just added to Disney Infinity and why the Midway level pack for Lego Dimensions is really something interesting.

How To Murder Time 135

We’re back after a brief illness and we’re talking about playing The Ship with listeners, The Division and X: Rebirth (again)


How To Murder Time 134

This week we”re talking about planets in Space Engineers, SUPERHOT, Torchlight 2 and Farcry Primal.


How To Murder Time 133: Warning, more rants.

What happens when we record after a really bad week? Jon has a rant of course. It’ll not stop him playing the games mentioned, but nobody take it personally!

How To Murder Time 132

Godus Wars released suddenly and Rift announced a lot of changes to their free to play model so it’s a very ranty show this week. To make up for it Tim also gets PTSD from playing Tomb Raider and Jon played Firewatch, which might be something quite special.

I’m upgrading all the podcast gear now, so if next week’s episode is an hour of silence then that’s why. You! The one who just said that would be an improvement! Stop heckling!

How To Murder Time 131

Each week that passes means another podcast must be made until the end of our sentences, so this week we’ve been looking at 2013’s Tomb Raider, the last Wolfenstein and the latest Homeworld.

Our lawyers have asked us to make it clear that we admit no responsibility for accidentally creating a power leveling machine out of one listener after an off hand comment last week. Sorry. It was all Tim. He’s the monster, not Jon. Which is the kind of thing you can say without disagreement when you write the show notes.

I don’t think anybody actually reads shownotes anyway.