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South West Coast Path Day 5

You remember the camping site from the last episiode? Yeah, about that…

South West Coast Path Week 2 Day 3

Which will break first on this trip? Feet or a microphone?

South West Coast Path Week 2 Day 2

It’s day two of Tim’s walk and so far he’s still alive.

South West Coast Path Week 2 Day 1

Tim went for another walk and filmed his descent into madness as he continued the South West Coast Path.

How To Murder Feet: Snow and Wind (sorry for the noise)

It snowed recently, so Tim went for a walk in it.

South Downs Way Day 9: The End

It’s the final day of the south downs way.

South Downs Way Day 8: Lewes to Alfriston

It’s the the penultimate walk of the South Downs Way and the end is in sight, but the weather is worse.

South Downs Way Episode 7: Pyecombe to Lewes

It’s the first walk of the year and Lewes is being pronounced correctly so it’s going well so far.