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South Downs Way Episode 6: Steyning to Pyecombe

The last walk of 2017 features pigs. Lots of pigs.

South Downs Way Day 5: Amberley To Steyning

It’s the next part of the winter walking adventure, and this time it’s from Amberley (not standing in for San Fransisco on this occasion) to Steyning (which is a great name).

South Downs Way Day 4: Cocking to Amberley

The journey continues, and new methods of getting to the walks are needed. This time it’s Cocking to Amberley, which means that next week we don’t have to say Cocking any more and we can all stop giggling.

South Downs Way Day 3: South Harting to Cocking

Cocking is a real place, OK? It’s fine.

South Downs Way Day 2: Rainbows

It’s day two, East Meon to South Harting and the weather isn’t looking that great.

South West Coast Path Day 6: Westward Ho!

The weather has turned but the end is in sight

South West Coast Path Day 5: Tents are evil

Spending nights in tents is going really well.

South West Coast Path Day 4: Madness

Day four of the coast path and Tim is having a falling out with his rucksack…

South West Coast Path Day 3: Luxury

Did Tim survive his night in the wilds without being eaten by a stray big cat? Probably, but you’d better watch anyway to check as he continues along the coast.