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South West Coast Path Day 6: Westward Ho!

The weather has turned but the end is in sight

South West Coast Path Day 5: Tents are evil

Spending nights in tents is going really well.

South West Coast Path Day 4: Madness

Day four of the coast path and Tim is having a falling out with his rucksack…

South West Coast Path Day 3: Luxury

Did Tim survive his night in the wilds without being eaten by a stray big cat? Probably, but you’d better watch anyway to check as he continues along the coast.

South West Coast Path Day 2: Ninja Camping

It’s day two and the walking continues.

South West Coast Path Day 1 of? Many?

Tim is doing something daft, walking from Minehead to Swanage via Lands End. Don’t worry, there’s a map to explain…

How To Murder Feet 4: Snowdon

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales, so Tim climbed it. There’s even a train to the top but why do things the easy way?

How To Murder Feet 3: Dartmoor

Tim went to Dartmoor and kidnapped a fellow podcaster along the way.

How To Murder Feet 2

Tim went to Wales, which is a long way to go for a walk but it seems nice.

How To Murder Feet

There’s no games in this one, or Jon for that matter (who was indeed still in bed), but you can join Tim as he goes on a quest for wisdom, squirrels and a train home.