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South West Coast Path Day 6: Westward Ho!

The weather has turned but the end is in sight

South West Coast Path Day 5: Tents are evil

Spending nights in tents is going really well.

South West Coast Path Day 4: Madness

Day four of the coast path and Tim is having a falling out with his rucksack…

South West Coast Path Day 3: Luxury

Did Tim survive his night in the wilds without being eaten by a stray big cat? Probably, but you’d better watch anyway to check as he continues along the coast.

South West Coast Path Day 2: Ninja Camping

It’s day two and the walking continues.

South West Coast Path Day 1 of? Many?

Tim is doing something daft, walking from Minehead to Swanage via Lands End. Don’t worry, there’s a map to explain…

How To Murder Feet 4: Snowdon

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales, so Tim climbed it. There’s even a train to the top but why do things the easy way?

How To Murder Feet 3: Dartmoor

Tim went to Dartmoor and kidnapped a fellow podcaster along the way.

How To Murder Feet 2

Tim went to Wales, which is a long way to go for a walk but it seems nice.