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South West Coast Path Week 2 Day 3

Which will break first on this trip? Feet or a microphone?

South West Coast Path Week 2 Day 2

It’s day two of Tim’s walk and so far he’s still alive.

South West Coast Path Week 2 Day 1

Tim went for another walk and filmed his descent into madness as he continued the South West Coast Path.

How To Murder Feet: Snow and Wind (sorry for the noise)

It snowed recently, so Tim went for a walk in it.

South Downs Way Day 9: The End

It’s the final day of the south downs way.

South Downs Way Day 8: Lewes to Alfriston

It’s the the penultimate walk of the South Downs Way and the end is in sight, but the weather is worse.

South Downs Way Episode 7: Pyecombe to Lewes

It’s the first walk of the year and Lewes is being pronounced correctly so it’s going well so far.

South Downs Way Episode 6: Steyning to Pyecombe

The last walk of 2017 features pigs. Lots of pigs.

South Downs Way Day 5: Amberley To Steyning

It’s the next part of the winter walking adventure, and this time it’s from Amberley (not standing in for San Fransisco on this occasion) to Steyning (which is a great name).