How To Murder Time 170: Hyperion

This week we’re joined by Toerag for the next in our Hugo award winners series. This time we’re looking 1989 winner, Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

One thought on “How To Murder Time 170: Hyperion

  1. FraidOfTheLight says:

    Great podcast. I listened to the audiobook version of Hyperion and its sequel a while back, and (as you all mentioned), my abiding memory is how bleak, dour and heavy-going these books are.

    I still found them good to listen to, and the world-building was indeed great (I too recall the house and shopping mall built on multiple planets). But after completing these two books, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the other two.

    My recommendation for a future show: Cyteen, by C J Cherryh. A lot of people loved it; sadly, I was not one of them; so I’d be interested in your opinions. Here’s what I wrote about it on Amazon:

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