How To Murder Time 139

This week we’re talking about the first DLC missions for Just Cause 3 and why it’s not as good as 2, why Carmageddon Reincarnation doesn’t feel great and why Tim can’t get on with Rocket League.

There’s also a bit of a rant about VR and how The Vanishing of Ethan Carter manages to get it so wrong control wise (at least on the the Rift), and why this is a big problem with VR as a whole.


One thought on “How To Murder Time 139

  1. I’m a huge fan of Rocket League and have been playing it a few nights a week since release. My crew has done a number if tournaments etc. We have a league going now. I’m still one of the lower skill players in the crew though so I can kind of understand Tim’s issues.

    One thing that might help is that there is a training mode in the game that helps you learn some of the more basic moves through practice. Keep in mind that there is also a double jump from your bottom thruster so in those cases where you are having trouble hitting the center of the ball with the front of your car try hitting the jump button and pushing your left stick forward so that you are hitting the center of the ball with the top of your car instead of the front bumper. You might also want to take a look at the camera controls which can be adjusted to a pretty great degree and can make a big change in how you see the field and line up your shots.

    As for the comet’ tail effect, in RL you generally don’t play a specific position like in soccer, rather what we have found works best is to try and always be cycling around. Go and take a shot, if you hit it, try and follow up and if not circle around back and left one of your teammates take a stab at it while you pick up some more boost and guard against returns. Keep cycling around like this so you keep pressure on the enemy goal and given time you’ll put some shots in.

    Yeah I’ve been called an “N” word a couple times on Rocket League but for the most part If I start out saying GL HF and complement people for good shots and apologize when I mess up I tend to get pretty civil responses. In fact I think generally the chat is better than most competitive games I have played. That said I don’t use the in-game audio so maybe I’m missing the worst examples.

    Anyway I hope Tim gives it another chance and it clicks for him because it’s just such a great game especially because of the short match length. It’s a great game to just jump in for a match or three then hop out and play something else. It alsommight be worth Tim trying out some 2v2 or 3v3 instead of 4v4 which is much more chaotic (it’s actually called ‘chaos’ in the game menu I think). With a slower game pace you might find more success and satisfaction.

    Anyway hollar at me on Steam or twitter if you ever feel like a match and thanks for the podcast!

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