Red Faction Guerrilla

One of the most disappointing trends in gaming over the last decade or so has been the movement away from local multiplayer. Those games where you can sit around with friends and not worry about random internet strangers getting annoyed that you just got distracted because you’ve found the most fun thing ever in the game, especially if it’s only fun because you’re all drunk.

Red Faction Guerrilla has a fantastic local multiplayer mode that is ideal for this. A series of challenge modes where you can just pass the controller between goes and not worry about everybody having accounts, achievements or anything else and just have fun destroying buildings on Mars. Do we have what it takes to be in the demolition business? How could we fail when we’re more likely to accidentally destroy the place than do what we’re meant to be doing in most games anyway?

Bring back party modes in games!


2 thoughts on “Red Faction Guerrilla

  1. That trend has been balanced out a bit by the influx of couch MP PC indies like Towerfall, Gang beasts, Samurai Gunn, The Jackbox, Broforce, Nidhogg, Gunpoint and Sports Friends (which is coming on the 19th, can’t wait). You’re right though that local MP in triple A games has been pretty sparse lately.

    On a side note I’m really excited about what The Jackbox does with allowing players to use their smartphones or tablets as controllers for a game up on the TV. I think there’s a great deal of potential for other games to utilize this, particularly board games that could make the jump to PC.

    • jonshute says:

      There’s a really untapped market there, and it’s great that the indies are perusing it. Just another reason why all the interesting stuff in games seems to be coming from indies. Which is great.

      It would be really nice if more publishers would admit that what we laughably call gamers actually includes people with families and friends that they see in that real life thing.

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