Forza Horizon 2

First the good news: the podcast will return in a few weeks. It probably isn’t going to be weekly, but it will be regular.

Now the bad news. We heard that YouTubers are making videos of their new Ferraris and there’s no way I’m turning down a free Ferrari! So we made a video talking about Forza Horizon 2. It’s much like when we’re talking about what we’ve been playing but with more visuals so you don’t have to guess what the game looks like. Now when does my Ferrari arrive?

We’re still experimenting with video and there’s a couple of ideas we’re trying out to see what works and what is popular. Some will be shorter and more focused, some will be older games and some will be the latest releases. Let us know what you prefer and what you don’t like! Feel free to suggest games we can play and talk about as well, we’re always open to suggestions.

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2 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 2

  1. Zoso says:

    I think this is an excellent series, and next you should cover the game of DUCHY ORIGINAL ORGANIC STEM GINGER DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED BISCUITS, the DELICIOUS CRUNCHY BISCUIT that REALLY SATISFIES. Don’t forget to tell everybody how much you enjoy DUCHY ORIGINAL ORGANIC STEM GINGER DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED BISCUITS!

    Prince Charles

    PS: the biccies are in the post

  2. buzzfrog says:

    Great. I’m looking forward to listen to your podcast again.

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