How To Murder Time 3.25: We have some gripes…

This week we’re moaning about the state of gaming because there was a Steam sale and, well, somebody has to moan about Steam and the madness that it brings.

7 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 3.25: We have some gripes…

  1. Zulika says:

    I’ll tell you who cares about what you think about Glyph, Tim, the CEO of Trion -that is who Scott Hartsman is. I share your feelings on these storefronts though and have only given into Steam for Skyrim and DoTA2 -no other option on those.

    Also instead of playing Archeage I am playing Elite Dangerous. I was on the fence about which one to choose for my next journey and after reading up about Glyph, I choose to go the Space Sim route. I could be wrong, but Star Citizen looks a bit pay to win to me. You could probably school me on both of those and the history thereof, that genre is new to me.

    I would suggest F1 tech and/or the game as a future one-off subject, Jon is knowledgeable on both I bet, but it appears we are in a few years of Merc domination and specs written to take all the engineering fun out of the real stuff.

    Thanks for putting out good stuff consistently!

  2. Stemline says:

    Things to Do? That get you out of the house…. hmmm.

    Airshows! This is airshow season, prob one near you. Fairford international all this weekend as it happens, over near Swindon.
    You can watch the displays (it’s the diddy planes that do the best displays by the way) while chain-eating burgers. And you can buy cool stuff like baseball caps that say ‘Jet Engine Noise – The Sound of Freedom!’. What’s not to like 🙂

  3. Akely says:

    I say take up running again. Both of you, Or better yet, start with walking or jogging. Then go home and watch an original movie and its remake – back to back. Drink, then podcast.

    I love a good rant. 4/5 for this one.

  4. Molly Millions says:

    Don’t leave me this way, come back guys – I miss you!

  5. Van Hemlock says:

    I’m all podfaded out, but check out Jon at – Movieing On and The Brainstorm!

    • Zulika says:

      Now that is just sad. My drive home will seem longer for one day out of the week, but thanks for making it feel short on many occasions!

      I can’t listen to anything about comic book characters for some reason. I thought everyone was being sarcastic about wanting to see that new movie Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I just don’t get that stuff -and there are very few movies I think are worth watching anyway.

  6. Raymeerscat says:

    I hope this is ‘holiday’ not ‘pod-death’. I don’t want to have to make an effort to find game stuff out. Give it to me on a plate damn you….
    [missing you more ]

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