How To Murder Time 3.21: Doing things that aren’t games

This week we’ve been doing what we always do: reading books, comics and watching TV. We don’t usually mention them, so it’s a what we’ve been doing that isn’t games show!

7 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 3.21: Doing things that aren’t games

  1. Bremen says:

    As an American, the last thing I expect to hear after “house full of Republican Senators” is “comedy.”

  2. Richard says:

    Ah David Eddings, Begareth and Durnik, Silk and Garion. I really enjoyed all of his books even was it the Sparhawk series ? I remember the books being passed round a crowd of us in school in the late eighties as we were hungry for more fantasy after reading Tolkien.

  3. I really liked the change of subject. I suspect, though, that Jon will be able to watch new TV series quicker than Tim can read 600 page doorstops.

  4. Cheryl Twist says:

    Very much enjoyed the book and TV discussion. I too smell books! Tim, I think you would probably like the James S. A. Corey series starting with Leviathan Wakes, if you haven’t already read them. Must be read in order.
    My main gaming endeavours are in tabletop RPGs, Nintendo handhelds, and board games, so I’d very much welcome more breaks in the PCgame/MMO discussions. However I do enjoy the conversation regardless of the topic.
    Picked up Quarriors on your recommendation from a podcast back before the long hiatus. Just recently rediscovered you guys and am doing a mix of current and older podcasts. Also fond of Movieing On.

    -Long time listener, first time commenter.

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