How To Murder Time 3.17: Completing Games

This week we’re talking about completing games. When do you consider them completed and move on to the next game? Can it get out of hand if you add achievements to the mix? Also, what about completing MMOs?

One thought on “How To Murder Time 3.17: Completing Games

  1. Richard says:

    I have a set of rules for deciding if I am going to 100% complete a game on my console, most of which I beleive you covered.

    1) Did I enjoy it enough on the first playthrough.

    2) Does the difficulty ramp up enough so I can cope, but not too much that I end up cursing the game.

    3) Is the platinum trophy achievable – i.e. no multiplayer or silly achievements.

    4) What else have I got to play and are there any major releases out soon that will soak up my gaming time.

    I’m currently trying to clear a backlog of games ready for Watch Dogs imminent release, I managed to finish Remember Me over the Bank Holiday however it fails my first rule for going back through it again for the collectables and achievements.

    Games currently on my to do list include: Diablo 3 ( finished it on the PC just playing for fun on the PS3,) Stealth – A Clone in the Dark, Puppetmaster, LEGO Indiana Jones 2 and LEGO Harry Potter 2.

    How many of these that I maange to clear before Watch DOgs is up in the air 🙂

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