How To Murder Time 3.15: Lords of Waterdeep and Blood Bowl Team Manager

This week we’ve been looking at two board games.

Lords of Waterdeep is a resource management game set in the Forgotten Realms in which you send adventurers off on adventures in order to increase your political power.

Blood Bowl Team Manager is a card game where you manage a team as they compete in various leagues leading up to The Blood Bowl itself.

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One thought on “How To Murder Time 3.15: Lords of Waterdeep and Blood Bowl Team Manager

  1. DocMcBruce says:

    Lords of Waterdeep is one of our group’s favorite games. The expansion, especially the corruption mechanic, can add interesting results to final scoring. It may be a difference of familiarity with the game (we played a lot for a while), but it sounds like our group might use the intrigue cards and deliberate blocking of other people’s quests more. Although there isn’t a lot of player of interaction it feels like we had a more than you did, especially those mandatory quests.

    I wonder if there is either a new box, or a different box released between US and EU/Britain. I am pretty sure that the one we have does not have a place for the sixth player, and sounds like a much more solid container. Ours is a top and bottom which pulls apart, not one which flips open.

    Haven’t played Blood Bowl Manager, but a 4 player game might be good for nights when we have a small group. I’ll add it to the list.

    Ah, BSG. We played a 4-player game two weeks ago. The humans made it half way to Kobol before they lost due to population loss, and some cylon interference. I was the cylon, and then in the sleeper agent phase got the cylon sympathizer card, which threw everyone off to my true allegiance. Have you gotten to mess around with the 4th expansion at all?

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