The Return of Old Van Hemlock Episodes

Before we were Murdering Time we were Van Hemlocking, and those shows have been offline since an unfortunate accident with a goat, a rake and our old server consigned them to digital oblivion. It had nothing to do with my name not being in the title, honest.

Since I love/hate all our fans (delete as appropriate depending on if you like the show or not) I’ve restored the archives for the main show. That’s 153 episodes of very out of date information for your listening pleasure. Hear us talking about  games with a great future such as Tabula Rasa, Star Wars Galaxies and Auto Assault! Hear about console games that you’ve forgotten were even released! Hear all of our predictions become 100% true!

There’s no RSS feed because I’m not that keen on people downloading 9gb of shows all at once (and I couldn’t get it to work), but the show posts are all restored  and there’s a list of all of them on the Podcast menu (or click here), or you can click on the handy podcast category here.

I haven’t manually checked all 153 episodes, so if you find any problems leave a comment on that post and I’ll fix it. If anybody fancies writing better shownotes for any of the episodes then leave a comment with it as well and I’ll update the post to be more informative about what’s actually in the episode. Anything to stop me having to listen to them because I don’t need to be reminded how dumb past Jon was!

5 thoughts on “The Return of Old Van Hemlock Episodes

  1. Akely says:

    Ah, now all I need is a car accident that breaks my spine!

  2. agro says:

    I’d never actually listened to the really early episodes before so hitting play on the very first one has been something of a revelation. That music.. man, that music, all the time, over everything. Despite this it’s surprisingly good and I’m pleased you’ve kept to the formula of not really knowing what it is you’re going to be talking about each week 🙂

    • jonshute says:

      We are dedicated to that formula and very proud that we’ve not managed to get the hang of planning over the last six years 🙂

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