How To Murder Time 3.08: Game Preservation

This week we are looking at the serious side of games: Who will preserve them for future generations?

Will it be Companies, Governments or Pirates, or some combination of the three? Between them all can we guarantee that future scholars will have anything left to study when servers are gone, hardware has died and copy protection no longer protects?

One last thing. Can somebody please prove that we’re wrong about who owns the rights for the Sinclair Spectrum?

4 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 3.08: Game Preservation

  1. Els says:

    The BCS has a Video Games Archive (consoles/computers/software) at the Plymouth University, purely for research purposes of course 😉

  2. Akely says:

    Interesting show this!

    One thing I find very strange is that when we, or no one, knows who owns a thing that is still owned. I’m struggling for words here, but I think that if I where to use an IP that *used to* be owned, the ones owning it would have to prove that they do.

    It’s sort of the ludicrous mail Breki over at CSICON got regarding the intro music to the Movieing On podcast. In effect it was “someone MIGHT own the rights to the music so you can’t use it”. I think a valid and legal response should be “Fine. I’m willing to broker a deal with the owner.. WOULD THE OWNER PLEASE STAND UP!”

    I mean… to claim money from people you actually should be able to prove you sold them something. A service, merchandise, rights to something….

    • jonshute says:

      That gets awkward very fast. The UK government suggested a similar thing as an idea, but it was so open to abuse that it was quickly shelved.

  3. Askgar says:

    Being “that person” who tried to use a CD in their PS4 because he didn’t have another CD player in the house, it is rather annoying. Amazon even seem to acknowledge this issue now by (usually) providing the MP3s with CDs. The issue I have with buying digital copies is that quite often it is MORE expensive than the cd, not less, and also (as discussed on the show) if the service I bought it from went down, I can’t get the music back.

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