How To Murder Time 3.04 – Who Will Pay For Our MMOs?

This week, a rapid-fire salvo of assumptions about the past, present and future of MMO billing.

With a typical MMO costing tens of millions to make, and rising, and the traditional subscription model becoming less of a standard way to recoup that, just how can a genre approaching its second decade expect to pay for it all? Who foots the bill, and how? Will subscriptions return in force, will free to play be the way, or will something else entirely come along?
Join us for an examination of the pros and con and ins and outs of the life support systems of so many of the games we know and love.

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4 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 3.04 – Who Will Pay For Our MMOs?

  1. […] but with a fully functioning cash shop and no prospect of a progress wipe. A widely held position, mentioned on the most recent episode of How To Murder Time during a splendid rummage through the difficulties of MMO funding, is that once a game is taking […]

  2. Stemline says:

    Sounds like developing and running an MMO could be made into quite a decent management game 🙂

  3. Great cast guys, really interesting. I’ve been wondering lately if smartphones and app stores are responsible for developers making the cash shop switch. An iPhone app is relatively cheap to make, shifts way more units and makes a profit more smartly. I mean look at flappy bird for the love of god! $50k a day in advertising revenue made of the back of that game! Even non advert games at £1 make more profit than some MMOs. And let’s not forget inapp purchases and iOS MMOs too!

    I also think a lot of MMO Devs are reusing game engines, so the first game might be xpensive to make, but the following game uses the same tech just different textures and character models with new stories and content.

    My final thought was on why some games are more expensive to make. Do you think SWTOR was mostly the cost of the Star Wars license?

  4. CrimsonKMR says:

    I did not go on a rant :\

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