How To Murder Time 3.02: Lords of War and Star Trek Attack Wing

This week we’ve been busy playing real physical games so we can tell you what we thinks about them.

Lords of War


A card game where the location on the board that you play your card is just as important as having a good hand. (

Star Trek: Attack Wing


Using the same game system as Star Wars, this time we’re in the Trek universe with iconic ships from all the usual suspects. Does the change in universe make the game any different? (

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3 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 3.02: Lords of War and Star Trek Attack Wing

  1. Wish says:

    One of my regualr boardgaming crew picked up the Elf vs Lizards deck from Dragoncon and the thing i noticed about the elf deck was that the cards attack pattern was heavily weighted on one side or the other and ofc I picked up an opening hand with cards that all had their values pointing in such a direction that they were mostly useless to combat the lizards. Only thing that sticks in my mind about the Lizardman deck was a git of a card with only one high value arrow pointing diagonaly back, that just murderized many of my cards.

    Also, iirc in the rules we were given cards could only be placed adjacent to enemy cards, if that was the case for your games I’m wondering quite how you turtled up?

    But yes it definately seemed like a game focusing on area denial with ballista and archers.


    • Wish says:

      Hmm, now that I have had a proper look through the decks they are almost identical, perhaps it’s just the draw that made me have such a hard time, or I could just be crap at it 🙂

      But I think we all came to the conclusion that we didnt want to play it again 🙂

      • jonshute says:

        You turtle up with the support cards, which you can play next to any of your own cards. After they have wiped out the enemy you can then place your normal cards in the same way.

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