How To Murder Time 2.43: Driving fast while War ends.

This week we’re back with what we’re playing:

  • Gran Turismo 6
  • The Secret World
  • Assassin’s Creed 4 and Liberation
  • Warhammer Offline
  • The Old Republic
  • Oh, and accidentally buying a PS4

2 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.43: Driving fast while War ends.

  1. Rudy Kraft says:

    I appreciated the tribute to the death of war hammer online. I felt the same way although I personally found the world of war hammer far more real than Brighton which to me is nothing more than the name of a soccer team in football manager.

  2. Telke says:

    TSW is a really neat game, although once you get to Blue Mountains monsters start getting hard, in the want-a-proper-build sense. If you have trouble I recommend looking for the Blue Mountain Special builds hosted on a blog somewhere, they’re fairly out of date but pretty good for solo/group stuff.

    Worth noting that the Dungeons (which are brilliant, if somewhat hard) are heavily holy trinity based, although there’s plenty of room for jank like healtanking, leechtanking, evasion tanking etc. There’s a dungeon in each zone, I recommend having a basic tank and healer build in the party but otherwise they’re mostly knowing the boss fight/having some gear.

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