How To Murder Time 2.38: The Future of Games Hardware

This week we’re discussing what the future holds for games hardware.

What do the next generation of games consoles mean, and will they be a success? Is PC a better bet this time around, and what is Valve playing at with the Steam Box? Does anybody even want a PC under their TV?

2 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.38: The Future of Games Hardware

  1. neuebiene says:

    The true Luddites (like me) don’t even have a TV, so neither consoles nor the Steam Box come into question. Although since monitors and televisions are converging, perhaps I will soon have a telly without even realising what’s happened???

    My own quirks aside, I’m still not convinced that the PC (I include laptops in that) is dead as a gaming platform. As long as the PC exists for work reasons, people will also want to play games on it. How can they resist, it would be like owning a gun and never shooting it. And of course the PC will continue to exist, because the form factor of those new fangled tablets doesn’t lend itself to office work, and they still don’t have the processing power which a lot of work-related software requires.

    • jonshute says:

      Most monitors nowadays seem to have HDMI (unless they are really cheap) so all these things will connect up easily enough.

      The future of office based PCs could well end up with the old thin client idea due to web apps finally starting to be quite good. Even the web version of MS office is usable nowadays and the cost savings of having really cheap low power business PCs will be quite appealing to many companies.

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