The last game I’ll play

There is a game that’s been sitting on my shelf a while and yet I haven’t played, in fact it’s got to the point where not playing it is a matter of principle. That game is Gun.

Yes the game is old, it’s from way back in 2006. In fact it’s a launch title for the 360 and that’s where my brain has decided to get in the way. With the release of the Xbox One in a couple of months and Microsoft’s usual lack of support for older platforms I don’t expect I’ll play a new (to me) game on the 360 after GTA5, which will probably also be the last game I buy for the platform. I don’t think there are any exclusives that I’ve not played and so I can do the odd thing and think about what game will be the last “new” game I ever play on the console will be.

I think it’ll be Gun. I shall end with a launch title. It seems fitting somehow.

Should I decide which Xbox One game I’m not going to get around to playing now?

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