How To Murder Time 2.23

This week we’ve been surviving the zombie apocalypse, even though it’s not really about zombies, finding flaws with Star Trek Online, Pondering the new Xbox, building things out of blocks, being Batman, liberating Mars and getting lost in Skyrim.

7 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.23

  1. Sentack says:

    I like this idea of a Minecraft server for the How to Murder Time people. I would completely be in on joining that. I’ll also see you guys on Steam soon too. Awesome show guys.

  2. Wish says:

    erk, this talk about Skyrim make me want to create annother character. Never let it be said that altoholics only suffer in MMOs…

    Also, was Tim was not previously on a Mincraft server? I’m sure there were tales of an underground lava fortresses of doom.

  3. Stemline says:

    Dear Tim Van H
    I’ve found the perfect game for you, given your OCD!
    (PS: excellent series of podcasts btw 🙂

  4. jonshute says:

    I have actually considered making him play it for the show before 🙂

  5. Stemline says:

    Well I do, and they’re good shows :-). Except, of course, that you were all SO wrong about Sigourney Weaver.

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