How To Murder Time 2.22

This week we’ve mainly been playing:

  • Planetside 2
  • Remember me
  • Star Trek Online
  • The Last of Us
  • The Saboteur

We’ve also decided that Steam Badges are evil and that free development tools are great.

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4 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.22

  1. SvvenIam says:

    Fantasy Grounds 2 is a wonderful pnp rpg resource. I don’t want to squelch your creativity, but maybe you can dl the free trial and use it to learn a trick or two. In fact, the offer still stands where I’d be glad to run a Warhammer campaign with it. But, it’d have to be the weekend…jobs are overrated.

    • Van Hemlock says:

      It does seem a solved problem. I was looking at who have a solution so over the top that it would be easier to list what it doesn’t do. I think players and GM are entirely optional at that point!

      Mostly though I just need a decent but achievable C# project to brush up my career-relevant skills doing, so it’s more about the coding than the actual product for me.

      • SvvenIam says:

        Ahh, I get that. Too bad about that whole Copyright thing, or I’d suggest a virtual 40k(or fantasy)tabletop game as a project. Best of luck sir!! May the force…yada yada yada.

  2. NutleyBoy says:

    I’ve just been catching up with the podcasts 🙂 I first must apologize for sending you a steam beta invite. But tbo I’m not that sorry as I really did enjoy the flappy style hand rant that ensued. Driving along laughing to myself, you made my day.

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