How To Murder Time 2.21

This week we’re getting lost in the world with Geoguessr, shooting people in Planetside 2, crashing cars in Grid 2, flying space ships in Star Trek Online,  crashing space ships in Kerbal Space Program, making the world a better place in Saboteur and making the world a worse place in Saints Row the Third.

There’s also a bit of talk about Malifaux because painting models is cool.

Seriously though, Australia needs more road signs!

3 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.21

  1. Teppo says:

    All welcome to Five Rounds Romulan in STO, Tim also has invite rights. Or you can find me as @Teppo 🙂

  2. Volstag says:

    Another awesome episode. Much like you guys, I really enjoyed Just Cause 2. According to Steam, I ended up playing 150+ hours (which is disturbing when you think about it). Probably my favorite game of the last three years. I’m pretty sure number 3 in the series is in development as Avalanche was posting teaser screen-shots from the new engine.

  3. Telke says:

    RE: The Saboteur – it did horrifically on PC because it was released without optimization for ATI graphics card – immediately cutting off half the market. Totally the publisher’s fault, but it contributed to the studio’s closure

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