How To Murder Time 2.16

This week we return with tales of new TVs, new dimensions and increased Ingress related paranoia.

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7 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.16

  1. alf says:

    Lorks Shute!
    You appear to have taken leave of your senses dear boy as Bioshock infinite was an awfully classy piece of game design.

    • jonshute says:

      The longer it’s been since I finished it the more I dislike it. Especially the end and the “shock” revelation that while I have to admit is different from their usual one, it’s not exactly that far removed…

      • alf says:

        [ potentially Infinite spoilers though I’ve tried to minimise them ]

        I read quite an interesting breakdown of how infinite is actually quite a close analogue for the first Bioshock game (DeWitt being able to use the bathyspheres even while locked down being something of a key factor) which would make sense given what (small amount) we’re told about the relationship of rapture to Columbia.

        My only major issue with Infinite was that the character that we’d really grown to be interested in, care about and even admire (Elizabeth I mean, not DeWitt) ends up being downgraded to the plot delivery device at the end. She starts to talk in the voice of the script writer rather than the character and I think she deserved better but just the fact that I would feel like that shows how well they constructed her and the story prior to that.

        I’ve got to say, I really loved it. Of course I would never be so silly as to suggest that your opinion is wrong but I do think it is deserving of a recommendation. After Bioshock 2 (which was still pretty good) it’s a real return to form.

        (I’ll also take the opportunity to say that I really enjoy your podcast!)

  2. Gank says:


    Hiya. I’ve been buying up some of the NVIDEA coupons (given with the purchase of a new video card) for my World of Tanks play and now have some extra freebies for Planetside 2 that I will never use. Free premium time and in-game credits I believe. If you would like the codes let me know how I can send them to you. I can be found on Raptr, Steam (Gankalicious), or you can email me at gankgoesgaming AT gmail. They need to be used by April 30.

  3. I have recently started playing Ingress myself. A friend in Austria persuaded me to apply for the beta, and Tim’s previous report got me to actually leave the house and explore my local area looking for portals. Unfortunately Tim is a dirty frog / martian / insert vaguely insulting green thing here, while I signed up for the glorious Resistance. My home town is mostly blue though. Going to have to get my Rollerblades back in action, and hit up the other towns this end of the county that are mostly green.

    • Van Hemlock says:

      Boo! Down with, er, whoever the other lot are! You’d be surprised how suddenly and comprehensively a town can change hands though, especially if your local lot are organizing on G+.

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