How To Murder Time 2.11

This week we return with another look at how we’ve spent our week, and includes the worlds least useful quick rundown of what’s wrong with a long list of iPhone games. We really should have continued that career in games journalism…

Is this a new record for the number of games we’ve covered?

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2 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.11

  1. Sentack says:

    Long time listener here guys and I just wanted to say once again, thanks for keeping up with the podcasts. It’s always a treat to listen to you guys chat on about games and things every week or so! Great work!

    Also, I’m a diehard Planetside 2 fanatic. A shame that Tim missed out on the more recent 3x station cash events when he purchased his cash. Also in America (Might not be the same in the UK) you can buy station cash ‘cards’ at some of your major stores that offer gift cards and some of those have special offers, like extra station cash or a unique weapon.

    Never the less, keep up with exactly what you guys are doing right now. See you next time!

  2. Van Hemlock says:

    We’ve got the scratch off SC cards in game shops here too. I was just a bit lazy this time, but those are my preferred way of doing this stuff – no mucking about with Paypal or CCards.

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