How To Murder Time 2.09

This week Tim has been playing Planetside 2, Enslaved: Journey to the West and Tropico 3, while Jon has been far busier and played Farcry 3, Catcha Catcha, Temple Run 2, The Cave, Anno 2070, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Farming Simulator 2013.

Please release more big games please,  that’s far too many iPhone and job simulation games.

2 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.09

  1. cardi says:

    On VH’s continued recommendations, I finally downloaded Planetside 2, (even though it’s free, the thought of dedicating myself to another MMO, even an FPSMMO, was something of a slog). The game seems to have pretty deep mechanics and systems, I’m two hours in and still really have no idea what I’m doing.

    Sadly the fluff is somewhat lacking, and there doesnt seem a lot to discover.

    I wonder if it is the depth of the game itself, which is forming such a barrier for entry, that keeps you playing it. And therefore is it worth it?

    I understand it is not quite Eve Online, but like many MMOs, coming on board without a support group, is just really too complicated to be fun.

    To that end, now that the VH forums are no more, is there somewhere the HTMT crowd could muster, and perhaps ask questions, share knowledge and so forth?

    Thank you kindly.

  2. Dr Toerag says:

    There is a crowd of us on Mumble voice chat many UK evenings per week. If you log in and check names. I quote:
    “I’m ‘VanHemlock’ on the Miller [EU] server, and we’re all Vanu Sovereignty” – a few have logged in and joined up via in game links initially. FPS talent is by no means necessary.

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