Posted in February 2013

How To Murder Time 2.12

This week we return with another look at what we’ve been doing. We even mention a boardgame this week! We really should play more of those…

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Thoughts on Squad Leading

Planetside 2 continues to entertain, and like most of these MMOs for me these days, seems to shine as a venue for good friends to have quite casual social hijinks of an average evening. Some of us are better than others at the whole shooty shooty thing, but there’s a good general atmosphere on Mumble in the Fire Rounds Rapid outfit of which I seem to have become somewhat in charge of.

We’re there to have fun, of course, but there is an actual game going on too, and I’m slowly learning what is involved in leading a squad in PS2. One of the great and unique selling points of PS2 over, say Borderlands, Halo or Battlefield 19-whatever is the sheer scale of the fighting. These are really large maps, with a LOT of participants, dozens at any given base and likely thousands overall. Making some kind of sense of it all is very much part of squad leading. Continue reading


How To Murder Time 2.11

This week we return with another look at how we’ve spent our week, and includes the worlds least useful quick rundown of what’s wrong with a long list of iPhone games. We really should have continued that career in games journalism…

Is this a new record for the number of games we’ve covered?

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Reviewlets: Saron HRB & G40-F Ranger

Two ground vehicle weapons today. These are a funny thing to review well, especially in the multi-crew vehicles, since you, the paying customer, will rarely be using them yourselves. The person who spawns the vehicle is also the person who gets to fit all the modules and weapons on it, including the big ticket unlockable turrets. This basically ends up with you putting down cash in a game for the better enjoyment of other people, which is an odd state of affairs.

Naturally, this will appeal to regular squad-folk more than determined soloists, although perhaps those with an eye on bigger empire-wide picture may see the benefits in acts of cash-shop altruism which give random gunners the tools to perform better. Very hit and miss, literally! I’m lucky enough to have a fairly large squad of regulars for our nights out in there and this opens options for effective coordination in the multi-crew vehicles, which we use a lot; Sunderer, Galaxy, Magrider and Liberator.

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Reviewlets: Solstice SF & Eidolon

So here we are in an F2P Age, more or less; a state of affairs which generates mixed feelings among many. I always liked the idea in principle, but with provisos. Opportunities for idiocy and avarice certainly do exist more now than under the one-monthly-fits-all age, and it’s very much up to us to evaluate all new cash shop offers carefully, with an eye to what is right for us. I always thought that this would be our new role as MMO bloggers; to highlight and scorn the stupid, but also to assess and praise the good ideas too, in the form of mini-reviews of the new and more granular level of consumerism we now have in front of us. The dedicated LOTRO blog and podcast Casual Stroll To Mordor illustrates what I mean, with regular reviews of specific items and deals, along with recommendations (or otherwise) from folks who know a bit about what they’re talking about.

I’ve found those helpful in the past and would love to see more of this sort of thing across the whole genre; expert players giving detailed scrutiny to specifics, rather than the same old tired ‘All F2P is Bad/Good’ rhetoric.

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How To Murder Time 2.10

This week (well, technically last week because Jon was too busy to post it) we have been looking at the following massive list of games and things and stuff:

  • Star Trek Online
  • Proteus
  • Cases for the X-Wing miniature game
  • Planetside 2
  • Final Fantasy XIIIIXIII-2
  • Android phone games

Despite the list being so small we still managed to talk for an hour. It’s like we’ve trained ourselves to do it now without thinking.

How To Murder Time 2.09

This week Tim has been playing Planetside 2, Enslaved: Journey to the West and Tropico 3, while Jon has been far busier and played Farcry 3, Catcha Catcha, Temple Run 2, The Cave, Anno 2070, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Farming Simulator 2013.

Please release more big games please,  that’s far too many iPhone and job simulation games.