How To Murder Time 2.08

This week Jon finally watched Dredd and discovers MMOs, while Tim is really into a first person shooter and bringing mystery objects into the podcast for show and tell.


5 thoughts on “How To Murder Time 2.08

  1. A small note about Planetside 2 mines: Even if you have the mines occupying the ammo slot, you can still drop ammo packs by switching your turret to an alternative mode (default key is B).

  2. Van Hemlock says:

    I found out last night that you *can* have deployed mines out while equipping the ammo pack – it doesn’t despawn them. Possibly the mines naturally despawn themselves after a while anyway.

    I can never seem to get the MANA turret to dish out an ammo pack no matter how hard I mash B, but seen it said a lot that this is possible, yes. I need to work out what I’m doing wrong!

  3. Dok Chaos says:

    I had a similar experience to Jon this week with Steam pimping the Simulator games, I went for Euro Truck Simulator 2 though instead of the farming one and I have to say… it’s pretty bloody good! I’ve got my Xbox racing wheel and peddles hooked up to my PC and I’m merrily hauling explosive gas and cabbages the length and breadth of Europe, building up my logistics empire as I go. It’s really shocked me at how much I’m enjoying it. I think it may be time to rethink my career path!

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