How To Murder Time 2.06

In this episode of How To Murder Time Tim goes mad at the Christmas events in the MMOs he’s been playing and Jon goes in search of the ideal iPhone game without actually wanting to play that kind of game.

One thought on “How To Murder Time 2.06

  1. Saylah says:

    Sad to hear you’re bailing on GW2. I almost hit that point too. ORR is horrible, depressing and one of the worst zones I’ve ever had to stomach. Then I tried returning to other games and they feel much too old school after GW2 which suits my do what I want when I want gaming style. I’m over running back and forth to NPC with quests and only being able to complete that request in one exact manner. Plus the standstill combat in other games feels so ugh.

    I decided to find my own end game which is farming in Frostgorge Sound which is lovely and Southsun Cove to produce and sell exotic crafted items. I do the instances I enjoy and have started doing some WvW on my main. And now I’ve fallen in love with the Mesmer so I’m back to roaming zones I love – the lower level game.

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