How To Murder Time 2.03

It’s another hour of informed rambling on the important games of the week, and this time we’re continuing with the unexpected chat about new MMOs like Planetside 2 and Guildwars 2.

There’s also some chat about Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed and the Walking Dead episodic games from Telltale Games and Tim’s favourite subject, Star Wars, as we played the X-Wing miniatures game. He even quite liked it.

One thought on “How To Murder Time 2.03

  1. Still listening to the podcast but thought I’d comment on some of the bits so far.

    I must be the “uber casual” player reffered to with GW2 as I’ve had it since near launch and still not at 80 (or even 70). I also think that looking at GW2 as a traditional MMO is wrong, it doesn’t matter if people “finish” the game, they can go away for a month or 2 then come back when there is new content again (in a similar way to DLC in a non-MMO game). Hopefully they’ll drop a few $/£/€/etc. on Gems but just getting people to come back again will work, especially if they bring someone with them.

    Also, I never finished Final Fantasy 13, done a bit in the “open world” section, but haven’t found the time to go back and finish it.

    Comics, I’m really interested in the storylines BUT the price of following them seems quite expensive which is why I usually avoid them, I feel I get much better value from “other media”.

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