Posted in February 2009

Van Hemlock Episode 40

This week we’re back with our 40th episode. This time we have some news and then a discussion about Darkfall, which launches this week.

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Van Hemlock Episode 39

This week we’re back with a look at the last weeks news and a recap of what we’ve been playing for the last few weeks. Amazingly Jon has been playing MMOs more than console games, which must be one of the signs of the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

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Van Hemlock Episode 38

This week we have some news, followed by some commentary on some of the more interesting blog posts out there at the moment.

If you care about BoB being destroyed, how successful Warhammer is or if boobies are a good thing then this is the episode for you. Or not.

Posts we talk about:


Van Hemlock Episode 37

This week we’re back to our usual cheery selves with some news and our latest adventures in MMOs. New this week is Pox Nora, which we know isn’t an MMO but we had a play anyway.

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