Posted in August 2008

Van Hemlock Episode 15

In which we forge on with becoming weekly! Lots of frank answers about running a corporation in Eve, a guild in Guild Wars and a city in Star Wars Galaxies.

Van Hemlock Episode 14

We return with Episode 14, in which we poke at the news and have an EVE competition for a real prize which means risking our lives in Jita in order to come up with a question.Answers to the competition should go to before the start of September.

Van Hemlock Episode 13

What happens when a madman decides to arrange a live recording of enough material to make a podcast at an event that has nothing to do with MMOs and no confirmed guests? Find out with this show!

This is a live recording in the field (or formal gardens in some cases) so audio quality varies. Backing music is supplied by the salsa band that was playing in the background.

Thanks to Changling Bob, Zoso, Melmoth and Steve for the content, and the universe for the amazing weather we had. Glorious sunshine. The noise in the background is static and not wind and rain!

Van Hemlock Episode 12

We return with more misreporting news, playing too many computer games and another glance into the strange world view that are our opinions.

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