Posted in April 2008

Van Hemlock Episode 5

In the news this week: Second Life protecting their name, Detecting people logging into local in Eve Online, Tabula Rasa getting a 6 months veteran reward, Eve Online deleted all NPC produced shuttles to help unlock the value of Tritanium, Ewe Boll not being allowed to make a World of Warcraft film (maybe). Bet they never make a film of that.

Age of Conan had a massive beta key giveaway so we’re talking about beta testing games. Eve had a good one for the Mac client, Pirates of the Burning Sea blamed it for overestimating the popularity and what are they actually for?

Lord of the Rings online has added Fishing. Why does every game add that, and why do we do it?

For the record this is the first appearance of the ice cream van. Wow those mics can pick up the outside well.

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Van Hemlock Episode 4

Episode 4, in which we add to our impressive list of things that we’ve got wrong.

Sir Bruce’s numbers –
Eve Online’s numbers –
Top 100 games of last year –

Extra bonus competition with no prize. Identify all the music, including the number that last piece is for.

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